not missing…

23 09 2009

I’m not MIA folks. I promise. I’m just not feeling like myself this week. At. All.

And there are some things that are weighing on my mind that need more explanation from other parties. I hope to have these explanations & clarifications over the next week or so. Hopefully.

And there is Brewfest burning a trail right for me.

And there are things that are making me sad and not things I’m willing to talk about here. But most things will end up okay.

And there is a zillion things I should be sewing that I’m not.

And I miss my Little C. Especially the giggles caused by this:


Just a random “raspberry” to her tummy… See where her left hand is? Holding my thumb?? Vice grip. Important…. You’ve seen vague appearances of her chubbiness. How could I not want to snuggle/cause giggles all the time? And then you have this:

after raspberries

Besides a big old Little C grin, that you can’t see – and making me smile bigger than ever, she’s also going to hold my left thumb – see it in the pic? I’m pretty sure that the vice grip thumb holding is one of the best things ever. NE would agree. When he holds her a certain way, she goes right for his thumb and holds on tight. It’s the cutest and most reassuring thing in the world that Little C loves you, at least in my opinion.

Wow do I miss that little girl. Wow.




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