What a week…

25 09 2009

First things first… Happy Anniversary to two people who mean so much to me I can’t put it into words… I would not be where I am, nor the person I am now if it wasn’t for both of you!! I haven’t seen you both in a while – we have to fix that!! Happy 10th Anniversary to @MrsCrappy & @UncleCrappy! You are both wonderful!!!

Back to my reality… So, I didn’t do much this week… Except toss & turn & be in pain and end up again in the ER. I’m not telling you why, it’s a long story, but I’m okay and a follow up test or two and doctor appointment or two will have me free & clear.

I’ve accomplished nothing all week… Until today. I managed to deliver the jerseys to Dilbert for the Pitt kids. Well, the ones they need anyway. Some of them are just short of not fixable, but I’m going to try.

I also managed to amble outside to meet @UncleCrappy and receive these awesome items:



This is my Saturday post-match t-shirt. This is your warning. Don't hate.

I did manage to leave the house (and wear the gray shirt above) and spend a ton at Joann’s. I was hoping to take pictures of some of this tomorrow, but it’s supposed to rain. Thank you, Mother Nature, for such a great week while I was sick, and giving me an awful day tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I’m supposed to play rugby tomorrow. Second row apparently. But this is all conditional on how I feel tomorrow. So we’ll see. If not, the women have, I think, the next 2-3 weekends at home, so make plans now, folks, to come & watch.

Right now, I’m pissed at the world for my sick week, the rain scheduled for tomorrow, not seeing Little C – I’m angry about that every second unless she’s nearby, let’s be honest – AND the stupid & retarded protesters who effed up my neighborhood while I was in the ER…

And those protesters? Seriously, what were they mad at? Maybe I’m a moron, ok, I am, but I just don’t get it… I’ll be honest once again, I’m not always a chipper person, but seriously? What pisses you off so much that you break a window at KFC? Or PNC? Or rip out the fence at a closed Taco Bell? And a window at Pamela’s? Really?

Are you mad at the fact that KFC has not released their secret recipe of herbs & spices? Mad that you don’t know the recipe that Pamela’s uses for their pancakes? Unable to afford a BMW? I really don’t get it…

Way to be creative, y’all. I’m sooo impressed. As is the rest of my city. And by impressed, I mean you’ve given us plenty of things to blog about and make fun of… (This is courtesy of my Google Reader, I’ve been waaaay off the radar this week, so forgive me, I may have missed a few or ten…)


That’s Church



But my favorite pic comes from my friends that I met through My Living Room, the folks at Commonwealth Press:


I’m glad none of the nonsense ended up in the South Side, because if anything happened to my friends’ businesses there, I’d be even more pissed. I know I don’t go to the So Side much anymore. It’s because I’m poor, but I still love it and my friends there.

If you have time tomorrow, the girls play at noon at Boyce Park. I’ll be there in some shape or form, playing or helping. You know you want to come watch…. Our boys have a league match after we play the Univ. of Pittsburgh. I do believe my boys will win and that it will be a good match to watch. DM me on Twitter if you need directions!




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