Happy… oh, Rugby Day

27 09 2009

Stick with me here, kids, cause there’s something fun after my typing marathon!

Saturday is a rugby day! Hooray! When it isn’t regular season, somehow Saturday is still a rugby day, and when there isn’t a game to play or watch you kind of feel lost.

The Angels played the Pitt girls today. We won – a few tries and a phenomenal drop goal by a former WVU player – to zero. She’s got a great boot, that girl. Someday down the road there’s going to be a league team that is stunned because we pull a drop goal on them!! The Pitt girls were significantly better than we expected, I think. But it’s funny though, because their coaches are a former Angel, a current men’s player and they’re helped by a number of current Angels. πŸ™‚

I started at flanker. Played so-so. Wasn’t feeling entirely up to par. The only thing I’m pretty sure I did do well was move around the field and chase that dang ball. Oh, and some pretty nice looping with the backs. (Hard to explain, but I passed the ball to someone, went on their outside, caught the ball again, passed it off and rinse & repeat… get it?) I came out at halftime. No problem, except that it was still raining. And it was freezing. And I didn’t change because, well, you never know.

And I was right. The coach came up to me with about 15 minutes left and asked how I felt about playing in the back line… Well, it was raining and maybe 60 degrees, so I’m good for anything, so my reply was that I’d play where ever he wanted*. And I ended up spending the last 10 minute at outside center. Wow. Don’t remember the last time I played outside center. Maybe 3-5 years ago? Didn’t play very well, compared to my expectations, but the conditions were pretty crappy overall, so I’ll just pretend that’s why I didn’t play as well as I expected.

* In all honesty, the only positions that disturb me – are jumping in line outs & playing full back. Luckily, our coach has already handed me these fretful positions in the past and I’m able to deal… Bleh.*

Anyway, next up was my boys playing Detroit. Oh, my boys. I’m so proud of them! They are now 3-0. Yes, THREE WINS and ZERO LOSSES against league opponents so far this season. If they are given points like the Midwest Women are, they have two bonus points in their column. That? Is awesome.

I saw some amazing plays by them today. I saw players that I knew were good do awesome things. And then I saw players who took a few years off do even greater things!! I’ll say this here and now, because, well, it’s technically in print, I saw the Asshat play an AMAZING game. Seriously. Not kidding. I was impressed. And happy that not only he, but the rest of the guys are playing so well. I’d name more of them, but that would require me to 1) look at my Cast of Characters a bit more or 2) figure out names for the rest of them. To be honest, my brain is dead and option 2 would take me way, way too long… I’ll work on it for you though.

After that was the B side match vs a random Detroit team. I ran touch and I’m pretty sure that at one point most of their forwards were playing in the back line… Whatever, what I saw today by the B side was definitely an improvement on last week. Not that last week wasn’t good – it’s just that finally I see an improvement in the play of some of the players. I don’t get to watch the boys as much as I used to, due to schedules and my not working at My Living Room, and to see them two weeks in a row and see improvements overall? Makes me so happy and proud of them.

So, thanks for sticking with me through my happy rugby day. I started this post around 10:30pm on Saturday, the 26th. It’s now after one am, so technically, it’s the 27th. The real reason for this post actually occurred on the 26th, but what do we care, right? Right.

September 26th was not only my parents 35th anniversary – congrats to The Nana and The Grand Pa. I really wish I didn’t exclude family from this blog, cause you’d all think my parents were the cutest folk ever. I swear. I can provide names of those who have met them – rugby & Yinz Team – for proof, if you really need it!

Instead of my family, I exploit certain friends in and out of rugby. Yay for me!! Sorry for you!

The 26th was also my very good friend, The Angry Scottish Man‘s birthday! Hooray!!

NO clue what he’s doing here. This is a pic of an actual photo, taken at Dilbert’s request.

The Angry Scottish Man and his wonderful wife are leaving the ‘Burgh very soon. I am very sad at this, but I hope that they both continue their blogs as I love to read them – and especially because literally right after I meet the Angry Scottish Wife, they announce they are leaving town. Seriously? That is NOT fair. (ASW – I’m sending you an email as I want one of your amazing paintings before you go!!!!)

I hope that my friend had a wonderful birthday. I hope that things in AZ are working out a bit better than at first and that he’s enjoying the new job. I hope that he & the ASW have an easy time finding a place to live and an easy move. And I wish them both well. And I plan to tell them all of this – at their going away party… whenever that is… sometime soon, I suppose… I hope that they both continue to blog, because well, I enjoy seeing the things that ASW paints (go look at her site NOW.) And really, if ASM quit, well, we’d all be missing his hysterical take on everything he encounters… besides, who else will I share my Scottish randomness with? Right? Also, who else can provide me with delicious Scottish chocolate? (Some of which I still have, btw.)

Happy Birthday, sir. I will miss you and your wife when you leave us. If I ever make it out west, I will be calling on you for a floor space to occupy! πŸ™‚




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