Just in case…

29 09 2009

If I go missing over the next 6 weeks, you can most likely blame it on this:


It’s surely going to be the end of me this year…

Unfortunately for me, I do not just email the brewers to attend… I do a kagillion other things for the event. I’m good at it, and it’s kind of fun, but mostly it’s annoying and frustrating.

Come hell or high water, or any other disaster you can come up with, I WILL place the order for tickets tomorrow. I’ll also get the Paypal ticket stuff up on the website by the end of the weekend. I don’t care who I have to beat down, harm or scream at to make these things happen… These things WILL HAPPEN.

And after that? I’ll start to worry about the rest of the kagillion things I have to decide very soon. Sweet. More fun for next week.

Fortunately for all of you, there is something fun coming up a little over a week from now. Let’s hope I make it until then.

I expect to see ALL of you who even glance at this site/post to be at Brewfest. You may as well plan to come say hi, providing I live that long.

Oh, and feel free to copy & add this to your site, along with a link to this: http://www.pghrugby.com/brewfest.html or this site.


Why? Because you love me and you want me to live to see Little C at Thanksgiving… And because really, seeing Little C again just makes each day pass a little more quicly… Thankfully.




3 responses

29 09 2009
Uncle Crappy

This all sounds familiar.

When I was getting to know you a year ago, you were in the midst of your 2008 Brewfest Angst, which, as I recall, sounded a lot like the 2009 version. I had no idea what to expect when I showed up at the festival last November, but I found a well-run beer show that everyone enjoyed.

I know this has to be even more work than I can imagine. But I also know you’re good at it. You did it last year; I know you’re going to do it again.

30 09 2009

I’ll add this to the shouldidrinkthat.com, HumpdayHappiness.com and douglasderda.com sites.

30 09 2009


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