A little bit of happy…

30 09 2009

This hasn’t been a great week. At all. There’s a lot of things that make it that way, but we’re not going to get into those right now.

Thankfully, my sister is the best sister on the planet and sent some her monthly email today with pictures of the 4-month old Little C.

And I smiled. I smiled every time I looked at each picture. She’s so damn cute. Her smile melts me. But since I won’t show you that here, you can see these things:


That is our lovely Little C in her christening gown.

That gown was also my sister’s christening gown…

And it was my christening gown. Which means it’s way over 30 years old. And it still looks gorgeous, and obviously Little C look even more beautiful than it would be on its own. Of course, right? (side note: NO CLUE how my mom managed to preserve it so amazingly well!! But she did an amazing, fantastic job with it!)

And do you remember this?


Yes? No? It’s one of the little toys I bought for Little C before my trip earlier this month…

Well, this picture is from the email sent today…


Obviously this Aunt knows how to buy an awesome toy… because nearly three weeks later, there is our little buddy the elephant, hanging out with Little C. And yes, Little C is wearing an adorable Red Sox onesie, since she’s such a big baseball fan! (Reminder: we totally support Little C endorsing the Red Sox. That is all.)

*sigh* she’s so cute, My Little C… I’m so glad that I get these little glimpses of her that make me smile.

I’d much rather see her every day, but since I can’t I’ll appreciate what I can see of her. 🙂

Now excuse me while I go stare at these pics and melt myself a little more.




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