Brewfest Tickets…

2 10 2009

Are now officially on sale – $30 in advance. $35 at the door…

They can be purchased here:

HOWEVER – local folks PAY ATTENTION:  I’m going to tell you a little secret…

Because I think all of my  friends are fantabulous, and because I want you all to attend & have fun, and because I want to sell every ticket possible… You can buy tickets from ME at PodCamp next weekend for just $25. JUST $25!!! (Cash only, and chances are I won’t have change because I’m a loser and I’ll forget. But I’ll try!)

I will be at the Meet & Greet on Friday night. I’ll also be there later in the day on Saturday (I have rugby earlier in the day, sorry!), probably Saturday night, and I’ll be there all day Sunday.

HOWEVER, you cannot purchase tickets during any of the sessions! Not a chance! If I’m in a session, I’ll be there for a reason – to help myself, the PRFC or the Brewfest 🙂 So I gotta pay attention!

If you want to buy tix, you’ll have to get them from me in the Lounge. I’m not entirely sure *when* that will happen because of rugby on Saturday, but I’ll send an update by the middle of the week once I have my rugby schedule for Saturday & can figure out what I’m doing.

If you plan to buy tickets at any time during PCPGH4, I’d suggest you comment on this post so that I know to find you during the weekend.

And if YOU are trying to find me at PCPGH4? I’ll probably be the only person wearing Pittsburgh Rugby clothing (look for lots of black & gold that doesn’t look like regular Pittsburgh sports team gear…) and I might be slightly muddy or dirty on Saturday since I might arrive directly from my game.

You should definitely plan to buy tickets next weekend. If not because you love me, make it because you want to preserve whatever sanity I’ll have left as of mid-November. No, I’m not kidding.

Any questions? Leave a comment.




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