Division Standings!

2 10 2009

I received an email today. One that I get each week. It had the Midwest Rugby Union’s scores & standings.

Normally, I don’t really look at this stuff anymore. But I did today… And here’s what I found:


Yeppers. The Angels are in first place in our division. We still have to play Buffalo (tomorrow) and Dayton (next Saturday) but it’s looking good.

The Western Division looks like this:


Only one other team with 10 league points in that division…

What happens if we stay here?


See that little red box with Eastern League #1 Seed – Eastern Division? Yeah, that would be us… We’d be hosting the first round of the playoffs. As it stands now, vs. Cincinatti.

If this happens, all of Yinz better freaking show up. Because a win means we make it to the next round, and hopefully NATIONALS!

And us girls? We’ll do it. So you should be there to see it.

And what’s up with my boys? Well…


They are doing freaking amazing!! 14 league points. 4 more than anyone else in their division. They still have to face Scioto Valley (next weekend,) Rochester (Oct. 17th) and Lexington (Oct. 24th.)

I am so damn proud of them right now. I can’t tell you how many years I’ve looked at this standings page and NOT seen my boys anywhere near the top – or even the middle – of the list.

Gentlemen, keep up the good work. I’m so freaking happy for you – yes, ALL of you, right now.




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