4 10 2009

I wear two pieces of jewelry non-stop. They only come off when I play sports. One is a family heirloom ring my grandfather gave me. And then there’s my necklace. Lili gave it to me for my 18th birthday. And I’ve worn it ever since. It’s just a simple chain that I keep replacing, with a small silver arc and an oval piece of hematite over it.

It’s really simple, but unique. I get compliments on it at least a few times a month. Even from people who I thought had to have noticed it by then.

I got out of the shower and happened to glance on the floor. I saw this little black piece of stone. It was my hematite. It fell out of its setting. I live in fear of losing that hematite piece. I have no idea how I’d replace it.

So now I have two pieces of the same necklace, just sitting there waiting to be fixed. Ugh. These two pieces of jewelry are really important to me. It was NOT what I needed after a really bad week. Saturday morning was awful.

Thankfully, the women won on Saturday. And clinched the Eastern League Division #1 seed. Hooray!

After rugby, I went and spent the evening outside of Pittsburgh. Among the changing fall leaves. With no phone, no internet, no stressful situations. It was beautiful. We had a delicious dinner & amazing dessert. We watched the Pens and college football on TV, in front of a fire in the fireplace. I went to bed by midnight, and woke up feeling amazing.

It was just what I needed. I came home with a smile on my face, not much on my mind but the evening before, and I’m just about ready to face the coming week.

Besides that, I’m lucky I have the people I have in my life. The ones that worry, care, but give me space. There are many of them, apparently, but the two of you I’m referring to specifically right now, you know who you are. You know I love you, you know I appreciate it. Thank you.




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