7 10 2009

Wow. Today sucks. Hardcore.

I realized that I’m not going to be able to attend PodCamp this weekend. My game on Saturday will make it impossible for me to attend before the game or afterwards. And on Sunday, I committed to something for rugby, not realizing it was the same day as PodCamp, and it also will make it impossible for me to attend.

This makes my selling Brewfest tickets at PodCamp impossible. But since I made the offer, if you’d still like to take advantage of the $25 deal, leave a comment here or send me a DM via Twitter, and we’ll work something out.

Oh and if any of you know of any jobs in purchasing or administrative type fields, please send them my way… Because, yeah, I’m now out of a job as well.





4 responses

7 10 2009

makes me sad 😦

7 10 2009

OMG I am so sorry about your job.

7 10 2009
Anthony Closkey

I’m very sorry to hear all this especially the last part. Yuck.

You’ll be missed this weekend, but good luck with your game Saturday.

8 10 2009


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