Je me souviens…

9 10 2009

Je me souviens… It means “I remember” in French.

Today is my one year blogversary. And I thought I’d share some of my memories from the past year. Good and bad. Most of which would never have happened had I not started this adventure.

This site has allowed me to let more of the “real” me out there, and it’s been wonderful. I’m so glad I did this!

My post! (I still adore these pictures!)

under the awning

My pre-Brewfest thanks, and the one after Brewfest



Giving things up.

Madonna (the overall most viewed post! It even beat out Bar Etiquette 101!)

Yinz Team Flackle Football!


Christmas Crazy

One of the best things I’ve ever done.

My thank you to Lili and NE

Ice skating… um, issues

Booted car & help

The Covered in Blood thing (sorry, Big Guy. I love ya but I gotta link to it.)

THE Baby Shower

The Twitter report of Britney Spears from myself & @Calipanthergrl

The infamousRugby Game Part 1

The Asshat Tweetup and a better recap of it…

The March for Babies prep and day of

The Kentucky Derby

MY LITTLE C finally being born!!

A rugby wedding

My first “vacation” with Little C

Bucco Tweet Up

4th of July

Being asked to be Little C’s Godmother.

Scottish Wedding. FTW.

Uncaged in the wild…

nicole and i

What social media means to me

Posting here.

The Come To Jesus Meetin’

The bestest hat I’ve ever made. (Which I hope to see this coming weekend!)


Gifts with a meaning for Little C

My Little Bit O’ Happy.


Ah, overall an awesome year, right? I can’t wait for the next one and then some!!

To sort of commemorate this blogversary, I gave a number of people the opportunity to contribute here in the next few days. And some fine people accepted. I will be posting their input over the next few days. All of them are people whom I respect and am glad are in my life. So please come back and see what they have to say!

Thanks, Yinz, for a wonderful year.




One response

9 10 2009

Congrats on your year long adventure! It’s been fun (and insightful) reading what you have written!


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