Brewfest. OMG.

15 10 2009

Hi!! I’m back online. Times like these – busy rugby crap, I am pretty sure the rugby peeps should be paying for my internet access… hah!

This year’s Brewfest is going to kick my ass to no end.

Two or three days ago? I had 5 guaranteed brewers. As of today? I have 30. Thirty brewers. With no kidding, a minimum of 54 beers.

If I could do a back flip or something similar, I’d totally have done it ten times in the past 3 days.

The list of brewers here: It WILL keep growing. So keep checking back.

I still have more distributors/brewers who haven’t confirmed. NOW I have to set a deadline to reply! Good thing? Absolutely. WOW. But sending out that deadline SUCKS. Bad.

I’m not sure I have room for more!! I have to spend part of tomorrow figuring that out!

I kid you not. I was kinda scared that we wouldn’t meet or beat last year. My goal every year is to do just that: meet or beat the previous year. Right now, I’m happy with what I have… But I want more, better, different. Every. Single. Year.

Once I have brewers set, I might – might – get t-shirts made. Would you buy one if you came to Brewfest?? Seriously? I can’t decide….

I have SO MUCH to do for the next month. Tshirts aren’t going to hurt my productivity, but I can’t decide if it’s a waste or a profit. I NEED INPUT PEEPS!!!

And now, I just realized all the crap I have to do to get ready. Ballot boxes? I have NO idea how many we bought? Do I have enough? No clue!! Oh the adventures I’m going to have for the next couple of weeks….

In other news, please, buy your tix for Brewfest. If you are one of my Tweeps, DM me for $25 tix. Otherwise, you’re on your own.

Please help me make this the best attended, best Brewer attended Brewfest yet. Because after that? I’m retiring from all PRFC events.

Yes, true statement.What?

And this post doesn’t even *touch* on my personal life issues & events. Wowza. Come back tomorrow for something on that. Still debating what to let loose…

Again, DM me if you want my super special $25 Brewfest tix price. Otherwise, see




2 responses

15 10 2009

Have you found someone to take over your responsibilities for The Organization? Isn’t that a prerequisite for vacating a job?

15 10 2009

PghRugbyRef: Actually Coopers is going to be taken over by someone next year. Brewfest is going to take a little longer to find someone I think…

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