16 10 2009

I am so sick of being on the couch. I didn’t like my job, really, let’s be honest, right? But holy crap, do I HATE being at home. Wow. It’s driving me nuts.

I went out for coffee yesterday. And wandered around Target. Yay!

I think I have lunch plans tomorrow. Whew.

I was given a book for a little reading assignment. Voltaire’s Candide. Um… Well, I did ask for a book suggestion… Honestly. It just wasn’t what I expected to be given!! My knowledge of Candide is this: I am positive that in some high school orchestra/honors band, I played a piece called Candide. Yeah. I’m pretty sure I liked it… I have the sheet music for it somewhere at my parents house… Does that count for anything? No?

I spent today dealing with final returning of job things. Not things I forgot to return. Things I forgot I even had that they later requested I return. Lack of planning on their part, indeed. Wow. And I still haven’t received my Cobra paperwork… Geez…

I have some decent job leads, I have a resume in the editing stages which I’ll be sending to probably every person I know. And I’m going to find a PT job, somewhere.

Meanwhile, Brewfest continues. To the extreme. I had a fantastic response to the email sent to the teams asking for volunteers. Fantastic.

And brewers/beers keep coming in. I have to turn brewers away soon… I just won’t have room for them. It’s amazing. I had to re-organize my floor plan to accommodate a number just slightly higher than I have on my list now!!

Any suggestions on how to judge the beers??? I have no idea. Last year was a pain… I need something easy – easy for the guys, easy for me…Less stress = extra happy AAA.

Ticket sales picked up like crazy today!! Hmmm, I wonder if it’s because I finally could post a list of the brewers… Wow are people dependent on that list!!!

Speaking of tickets – why the heck haven’t y’all contacted me to get tickets? Really!!!! The PodCamp $25 deal lasts until Oct. 24th, only because I could only make it out to PodCamp stuff last weekend (unless I’ve already spoken to you about it – there’s 3 of you right now) and I’m busy as heck right now. So maybe this will help motivate you.

Yes, I created that just for you guys for now. But it will be live on the site soon. So enjoy. And buy some tickets and make me happy!!




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16 10 2009

Here are my suggestions for the voting
1) use white or bright paper. the dark paper was too hard to read
2) instead of voting scales of 1-5 and overall total being 1-5 have it be a cumulative score. so in say 3 aspects to judge a perfect score would be 5-5-5=15. Something like that.
3) If you have a clipboard to write on that’s a plus.

If you still have the sheets from last week i could tell you more. there was something on there I wanted to bring up about the layout but forgot.

16 10 2009

you should come hang out with me and M dub on monday! what i mean by that is please come hold my screaming baby so i can brush my teeth and maybe eat lunch with a fork. 🙂

16 10 2009
Whistle Blower

I volunteer to be a judge! You let me know the criteria – I’ll taste ’em and rank ’em.

Yes, it is putting my liver at risk, but I’m willing to take one for the team.

16 10 2009

Oh, Spoon. How little you know me. Of course I still have last year’s sheets. Why? No freaking clue.

However, I have no way to send it to you or anything.

16 10 2009

Ok! I’ll try to do that on Monday.
Eating w/ a fork is over-rated btw.

16 10 2009

If you heard the stories I have heard recently about drinking and a person’s liver, you wouldn’t be volunteering for this. No joke. (Remind me to tell you on Saturday!)

You aren’t being given a job for Brewfest. You’re exempt. I know I’ll find you somewhere, helping out throughout the night no matter what…

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