Laws… and other stuff.

17 10 2009


The “rules” of rugby are called “Laws.” You can find them here. Have fun with that link, boys & girls.

They are ridiculous and sometimes seriously difficult to understand. No kidding. And I play the game…

And we have what are called ELV’s. Experimental Law Variations. This is a new thing, as of last year. They were previously tried out at a higher level, then introduced to the rest of us & were experimental. This was last season… Our coach was super and sent out every single update and instructional thing he found. I think we were the only team who knew them. Seriously.

But even though experimental, they became the laws, so there you go. So we play a season with these ELV’s, and sometimes it was rough. It seemed some teams had NO IDEA they existed! But some teams knew some of them, but not all… And then, the IRB decided some of them weren’t working and took them away.

Geebus – this is still causing issues…. I’d love to go into an in depth explanation of all of this, but only about 6 of you who read this blog on a regular basis would get it. And besides, I’m pretty dang sure those folks know what I’m talking about already.

Why is this important? Any of it? Because next weekend my team is hosting the Championships for the Midwest Division II Women. And I’m scheduled to be a touch judge for at least 2 games of the 4.

And I take that responsibility seriously. I don’t want to be the reason that some team loses. Hell, no.

Because I do that touch judge thing so much, I was thankful years ago to be given the Touch Judge Level I course booklet. Wow, does that help.

USA Rugby used to offer a touch judge certification course separate from referee certification. I hate them for taking that touch cert away. HATE.

But even with the little course booklet, it’s still hard. Especially when players don’t know the laws at all. They bitch & complain about my calls. But I’m almost always right. 🙂

And the laws change.

Because I am the person that I am, I read my little booklet before every season. And compare it to the current laws. No clue why I really like running touch – I have NO idea. But I dig it.

But there are still things I just can’t remember. Mostly to do with touch-in-goal. I don’t know why I can’t just understand & remember that stuff, but I keep trying. Most refs in the area know me, and know what I’m able to do. And I appreciate it.

Overall, I’d give myself a B- on touch judging. I’m not perfect, but dang if I don’t call my own teammates/club mates for doing stuff… And I really try to keep getting better at it.

And I plan to get an A+ next weekend. So you should come on out and watch and/or volunteer to help us. We need people, especially since the Angels are probably competing in the championships…

If you’d like to help me with this, please comment, DM me or send an email. I’d love you forever. Seriously.


In other news, going to the drive in again tomorrow. Zombieland & Jennifer’s Body. Meh. Wanted to see Where The Wild Things Are, but the other movie is something I’ve never heard of, and neither of us was interested in finding out about it. So we’ll see Wild Things soon in the movie theatre. I’m interested to see both Zombieland AND Jennifer’s Body. In the least, I imagine Jennifer’s Body will not be as bad as Sorority Row which we had to sit through last time!!! No Rumor Willis? Sweet.


Go here, do me a favor and go here and vote for TheBurghBaby. Yeah, yeah. I know, the baby site. Whatevs. Just vote for her. I know her, she rocks, as does her kid, and she’s been an super supporter of me AND my rugby crap. So DO IT. DO IT. DO IT. If you don’t, and I find out, and you’re a rugger? I might make your life miserable at Brewfest. 🙂


Have I mentioned how freaking wonderful and amazingly beautiful My Little C is lately? I received some pics the other day that STILL have me in fits of laughter when I see them. She’s amazing. And if she lived within driving distance, with me being unemployed, I’d totally be there watching her every move. But she lives down South. Which also makes buying her the most adorable winter coat on the planet un-possible. But wow would she rock that coat. Rock. Indeed. Gosh, that little girl kills me when I see pics of her. Every.Single.Time.  She”s totally the love of my life. Thank God.




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