Undefeated rugby motivation…

17 10 2009

This is amazing…

The Men AND Women of the Pittsburgh Rugby Club are undefeated so far. Never before in my time has this happened…

The women’s regular season is over. We beat Cincinnati today. We are 5-0 and headed to the Midwest Championships – which we are also hosting – next weekend.

The men are currently 4-0 and have one more game to go. The have a shot at being the #1 seed at the Eastern Conference Playoffs the weekend of Oct. 31st.

I am so proud of PRFC, I cannot put it into words. Everyone has worked so hard and it’s finally coming together for BOTH teams.

Ladies & Gentlemen, WE WILL DO THIS. We will win the Midwests. And we can win Nationals. I have no doubt. I am amazed by both teams.

My friend PseudoTwin posted this video on Facebook yesterday. It’s pretty dang sweet. So I’m sharing it here with you all, as well as a few others I found last night that I liked. PseudoTwin sent an email to the women’s group the other day about Her Inspiration to play. I really, really wish I could post it here, but it uses everyone’s names and I’m not down with that. But thank you, PT, cause I’ll post the video instead. 🙂

If you can’t get motivated by these, especially if you’re a rugger, A PRFC RUGGER, I don’t know how to help you.

I have no dang clue who the guy is. But the second I find out, it will be posted here.


Adidas Ad: ‘The Pitch’. Of This Earth.


Rugby on Your Mind


All Blacks Sky Promo 2008


O2 rugby ad


Amazing video of All Blacks captains through the years.


If you don’t know about or love the Haka, we’re not friends. Yeah.

God help me, it’s nearly impossible to find women’s rugby videos for my level or higher on YouTube.  So we’ll settle for these collegiate level ones:

The Female Rugby Athlete – from USA Rugby’s Women’s Rugby Initiative Channel


Why Do I Play Rugby? – from Yale Women’s Rugby

Bring it home Pittsburgh. I know you can.




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