19 10 2009

Seriously. My PRFC website just kicked my butt. Stupid website. I need to upload some PDFs and link to them. The uploads worked fine. The linking? Not so much.

Whatever. The Angels are hosting the Midwest Championships this weekend. It is a lot of work. And since we’re also playing in said championships, we could really use the help. Everyone… So if you’re available, please volunteer to help us. Even if just for a few hours. I’d love you forever. And offer you discounted Brewfest tickets. And love you forever. And Ever. And Ever.

Brewfest is also trying to kick my butt. Last year, we had 26 breweries and 51 beers. I had a tough time making everything work out. The place was packed…

This year, we’ve added a new venue to the mix, but it isn’t huge. It’s kind of small. And now I have 35 breweries and 60 beers. Minimum. So, what this means is I might have to hang some brewers from the cieling or something. I don’t know. I do know that Visio and I are developing a love/hate relationship. It’s really kind of fun.

If anyone has suggestions on a new, absolutely gigantic, and not more than $5,000 to rent place, I’m taking suggestions already.

I’m overwhelmed. Exstatic. Incredibly happy, and I should be studying the rugby laws and finding a myriad of colored tshirts to wear while running touch this weekend.  I don’t own that many colored tshirts. Crap.

I spent a few hours today reading my assigned book, Voltaire’s Candide. Um. Yeah. This book is redonkulous. But I’m trying. Because the result of my reading this thing is important to me. And maybe I can beg for a different book next time. Lol.

By the way, have you tried the Chex Mix Turtle bars?

chex turtle- 10_19_2009 , 11_02_40 PM

I had no idea they existed. But I bought one the other day, as the Turtle mix is one of my favorite Chex Mix varities. I kid you not, this might beat every chocolate bar (besides the British ones) I’ve ever had.

Their site says less than 150 calories. There is no way it’s only 150 calories. Maybe they mean 1,500? Amazingly delicious. I’d like a life time supply, please. Wowza.

Ok. I gotta get back to my laws. As soon as I find more Chex Turtle Bars. Yum.




3 responses

21 10 2009
Whistle Blower

I believe one of your teammates/captains works for Aramark. Perhaps she has “connections” that could be utilized for a bigger venue.

21 10 2009

Sweet! I totally forgot about that… maybe it’s because of the other 30 million things on my mind. hmmm… 🙂 thanks!! you rock!

22 10 2009

LOVE Chex Mix Bars!!!

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