You’d be so jealous…

21 10 2009

If you had spent the last few days doing what I’ve been doing, you would totally be jealous.

– Midwest Playoffs… Researching & finding hotels within 30 minutes of Cheswick, PA that actually HAS rooms available. And replying to bitchy emails from a team that will remain un-named who should have thought to look at hotels earlier than TUESDAY. Idiots.


– Rugby laws. Yeah. Still trying to read & get them. How can I play this long and still get confused?

– Sewing. I’ll tell you when I’m done, but I totally have something that needs done ASAP. So I gotta bust my butt to get there.

– Brewfest. I have so many beers, I have no idea what I’m going to do.

– Brewfest. Food. I want a magic food fairy to show up and provide us with spectacular, but simple finger foods at a really low price.  Please. Instead, I’m doing math and estimating quantities and amounts and stuff. Stuff that I can’t really wrap my brain around.

In other news, the Drive-In is showing Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs AND Where The Wild Things Are this weekend. And we can’t go. Bummer.

And, I’ve begged for volunteers for 2 weeks or so… and tonight someone who would completely help in any way, shape or form, along with his wife, but have previous plans, wrote this:

Bleeding Black and Gold

Right now, I’m kind of speechless on it. I give major, major kudos to him, because he could have left it along with the Angels. But no, he’s nice and recognized nearly everyone in the Three Rivers clip, and also mentioned our guys.

I’ve been asking for a few more publicity stunts. Not kidding. So I’ll update you on that soon.

My women can do it this weekend. I have NO doubt. No freaking doubt.

I just want someone to give an extra punch to SV for me, for their emails today… Thankyouverymuch.

We’ll do it, ladies & WB. I have NO DOUBT.


And also, thank you, UncleCrappy, for that write up. I could never have even imagined to ask you to write such great things about us. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed watching and hanging out w/ the ruggers. You haven’t seen the worst of the socials, thank god, but you’ve been one of the best spectators I’ve ever met. And I think Calipanthergrl would agree.

Thank you. And nothing to our competitors: GO OSU!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Hey, I’m me. Whatcha want?




3 responses

22 10 2009

Just wanted to wish you guys good luck this weekend. We’re immensely tied up, so we won’t be able to check out any games, but we’ll be cheering you on in spirit!


22 10 2009

We’re trying to move plans around. I know you really want teaspoon there over all spoon’s but you may have to settle for me 🙂

24 10 2009

THANK YOU for bringing my boyfriend Teaspoon out! I’m sorry I couldn’t get out to say hi earlier. I had to go through ref instructions to the touch judges, etc. Rough stuff. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that Teaspoon AND your absolutely adorable wife (seriously! she’s so cute!) sat in the car for the duration! I probably owe you a baby sitting session for this one. Just let me know, and I’m your baby sitter. I promise to take good care of him and give him back. No kidding. 🙂 You guys rock!!

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