22 10 2009

Big, big thanks go out the local, while slightly north-of-town, newspaper dude who posted this today for Newsbreak:

On behalf of the Angels, we love ya!

Now, if I could just find out if Creation Rex got my call for assistance…

I reached out to see if my friend Rex was hungry. Gosh, I hope he is. I can provide him names when he shows up… I saw *nothing* in the USARugby laws indicating that a dinosaur could or could not intervene in a game… Apparently they need to update the laws in case of random large fans in Pittsburgh. I assume they never thought we’d have a real live dinosaur on our hands… Right?

Fortunately, not my problem.

So come on out, Rex… And Rex, yes, you can tailgate all you want after 4pm. Just no open flames or grills. I know, disappointing, no Flaming Norm, but really, I like Norm. So I’d have to discourage that anyway.

But you can wander all around and drink your big old dinosaur face off!!! Hooray. (Just don’t eat the tiny touch judge in stripey or pink socks. That would be me…) Actually, apply that to all touch judges and apply your menu to ONLY the opponents of the Angels. Thankyouverymuch.

*smooches, Rex* If you show up, you’ll be gifted with an Angels t-shirt in a week or two!! I know, awesome, right??



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23 10 2009

Good on ya’ UC!

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