Going to Nationals…

24 10 2009

Well, my teammates are. The Angels beat Scioto Valley this evening, 50-17. Yeah. 50 points. It was awesome.

This win guarantees us a spot in Nationals. What we do tomorrow determines our seeding.

We will play Minnesota at 11:30am for the Midwest Championship. I might make an appearance in that game. No promises, you never know. And I never know, but our coach makes great decisions, so we’ll just trust him on this one.

I am running touch again (which I did pretty well with this evening!) for the consolation match at 10am. And if I’m not playing during the Angels match, I’ll probably be with UncleCrappy & MrsCrappy. So you know where to find me in that case.


I said my teammates, and not that I or we were going to Nationals because the group flight is $400.

Given my current financial situation (ie. I gotz no job). I can’t even afford a flight on my own on Southwest for under $200. Oh hai stupid Living Room… if I still worked there I *might* be able to afford the $200.

So I won’t be in Houston – and I really can’t tell you how upset I am about this. So we won’t talk about that, ok? But if someone out there who owns a business would love to bankroll that $200-400 for me, I’d gladly advertise you, somehow… lol…

But I’ll hopefully be in total contact with the girls and will update the website ASAP after I hear what happens. I know they can do this. I KNOW IT.


I am SO DAMN PROUD of my team and my coach. I love every single person that ever steps on the field for my Angels. Really.

They kicked some serious butt today. It was really hard for me to run touch and not scream and yell & cheer them on. But they were amazing. And I know they’ll be amazing tomorrow.

If you’d like backup on my belief they played well, you can ask FatherSpoon, Norm or Abby. Or the lovely Mrs. Derda or even better, Teaspoon. Yep, he was there! First tailgate for my little boyfriend was at a rugby game. That’s so awesome.

Although if you ask Teaspoon, he might just drool on you. And personally, I think you should take that as a compliment… He drooled when I finally said hi to him today, and I, well, I feel honored. 🙂

I know these friends didn’t understand the game at all, but I really appreciate the support for my team. Norm did try to clarify a few things at half time, but I’m not sure I helped much – it was too short a time period for me to explain much. Sorry, Norm. I love that you tried to understand my game, though.


In other news, unfortunately, our men lost today to Lexington. They are now 5-1 in division play. And you know, I think NO LESS of them for that loss, and nor should they or anyone else. My guys did something I didn’t think possible for quite some time. They took on opponents and kicked their butts. There was no break down within the team when an opponent scored or they had a penalty against them… I am so proud of the guys.

And I think that maybe this loss could be a good thing for them. It will make them work harder from now until the Spring (when their Nationals etc. happen) and make better things happen then. I have faith in these men. Just like the Angels can do it, so can they.

So you aren’t undefeated… Gentlemen, you should be so damn proud of what you’ve done… You have NO IDEA.

And I really hope good things for both of these teams going forward. I love them both. Entirely.

Oh! And I can’t forget this… THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH TO OUR VOLUNTEERS WHO SHOWED UP TODAY AT NOON AND HELPED US SET UP THE FIELDS. WOW!! Parents, former players, current players, some Quins. WOW. Did we get it done. You guys are AWESOME. Amazing. Thank you so much. You have NO IDEA!!



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