#2 Seed.

26 10 2009

WOW. We won on Sunday… Not that I didn’t think we could do it… The Angels are honestly amazing… But this means we are the #2 seed at Nationals. WOW.

I ran touch for the 3rd place match. Scioto Valley won easily over the intoxicated County Will 92-0. Flash, ME and I were expecting a sh*$-show bad game, given what we saw when we arrived at the field… But instead, we dealt with a super-long, boring, no-drama match… Yes. Ninety-two to ZERO. Yeah…

The Angels match started before we were done with ours. So the hot second that first match was done? I handed over my touch flag to ME, and RAN like a crazy lady to my team. I didn’t know if I was playing. But I HAD to be there. And I’m glad I was.

We beat Minnesota 27.-5.

Around halftime, I realized I wasn’t going to play… So in the 2nd half, I went to the other side of the pitch to deal with the details of running the tourney, cleaning up etc.

Thanks to UncleCrappy, MrsCrappy, ClumberKim and FatherSpoon for coming to watch us. I finally got to meet ClumberKim’s daughter, E. And ohmygosh. She is amazingly adorable.

The tournament went really well, we received many compliments & I personally think that everything went very well.

I’m grateful for the volunteers that we had, for the refs & other touch judges, for the members of Pitt City who came out to support us on Sunday, and for themembers of the Pittsburgh Harlequins who helped to set up everything, ran the scoreboard and helped us make the tournament a success. A big thanks to everyone!



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