Friday night.

30 10 2009

It’s Friday night. It’s the first Friday since August that there is no rugby for me to deal with tomorrow. No spectating, participating or running touch.

The men are in Toledo for their Conference Championships. If they win, they will be the #1 seed for the Midwests in the Spring. I really, really, really hope they win. I’m so proud of them.

With tonight off, I should be doing something, right? Out somewhere? Instead? I’m sitting here writing this. At home.

I’m finishing up that sewing project. It’s awesome, if I do say so myself. I’ll post pics in a few days.

I started working on the Brewfest judging tonight… And now I’m looking to add 2 judges. I want the judges to have fun, not end up in a beer induced coma. There’s just too many beers. Seriously.

Since I’ll be away next weekend, I should be making a list of all the stuff I need to take to Houston. I should also be kind of panicing about Brewfest. But I’m not.

I’m so “on the job” when in a stressful planning/event situation. But we’re not there yet. I have 6 days till I leave for Houston (on a flight that leaves at 6:11am. OMG. That’s going to be ROUGH.) I have until Tuesday night before I enter that stress time.

And Brewfest? Well, that freak out will start on Tuesday after we return from Nationals. It’s just too early to start.

So until those times are upon me, I’m in find-a-freaking-job mode and in la-la land.





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