Stuff A Bus.

30 11 2009

This afternoon around 4pm, I headed out to Toys R Us to meet BurghBaby, Adriennemcc and Kdudders for the final shopping adventure for Christmas Crazy for Kids.  Adriennemcc was running late, so Kdudders, BurghBaby and I each grabbed a cart and went shopping.

All three of us filled our carts. And there were no duplicates in the toys each of us gathered.

We had Legos, we had board games, we had baby dolls, we had baby toys (mostly me, I admit it. I have Little C on the brain, big time!), we had blocks, strollers, first time football & soccer games, Play Doh, Matchbox cars, footballs, and a crazy amount of toys BurghBaby picked up over the weekend.

It was crazy. And fitting. Christmas Crazy for Kids, yo!

Honestly, the things we unloaded expanded left AND right of this picture.... so much stuff!!

And the Stuff A Bus helpers from today:

So, now an explanation for the “Seriously” pic:

Uh huh, that’s me. And I look kind of angry and confused. What happened was, I went and found all the baby-ish toys I could. Then I found baby dolls. Then I decided I needed toys for boys. So I hit up the Matchbox cars and did quite well, thank you.

And then I found the “sports” section. So I grabbed the first time soccer set, and the first time football set… (No, they did not have the first time rugby set. If they did, I would have filled my cart with that and ONLY that. As many as I could!!) But then I found the baseball/softball area. Remember how all, well most, of us grew up with those plastic bats? Usually yellow… And they weren’t super hard plastic, but I’m sure you could do some harm with them…

Well, those don’t exist anymore. Now they have this:

That, boys & girls, is our old school bat, covered in a centimeter of padding and a fancy-schmancy outer layer. When I found this section and saw them, I figured super-soft stuffed bats for little people, right? Something for little kids that was.not.hard. Oh, I was wrong. Same old bat. Just with a psuedo-protective padding layer. When I actually touched the bat is when BurghBaby whipped out the camera and caught me. I was seriously disturbed and disappointed.

I can’t lie. Had she also had the bat I was groping in this picture? It would not be suitable for publication. Lol.

Anyway, this afternoon was amazing. We probably filled half of a bus. The line of people loading things into the bus was unreal. I was inside, taking bags from Kdudders on the steps, and they didn’t stop. For quite some time.

I applaud BurghBaby. She didn’t put much effort into this. She just announced it on the blog and once or twice on Twitter. A few of us announced it on our blogs. I added the badge at the top of my site after Brewfest.

Next year? If we all help her? I have NO DOUBT BurghBaby can fill an ENTIRE bus. I know I’ll be there to help.

Monday Funday!

29 11 2009

Tomorrow I get to spend part of the afternoon & evening shopping with BurghBaby as part of Christmas Crazy for Kids to benefit the Toys for Tots & KISS 96.1’s Stuff A Bus.

I’m really excited!

I’ve found myself looking at all kinds of toys lately. Mostly for Little C but also because I’ve been looking forward to tomorrow. I can’t wait to help BurghBaby buy all kids of toys for these kids. It’s so exciting!

Oh! I forgot to tell you guys. I gave Little C her first Christmas ornament on Friday. (well technically I gave it to my sister, but you get the idea.)

I can’t take total credit for it. The Nana found it. But just like my Christening gifts, it’s the best message I could leave with My Little C.


28 11 2009

My sister said something during my visit while we were out on a walk with NE, Little C and D. Something along the lines of ‘Think about the positive. The negative weighs more.’

And I’ve been thinking about it ever since. She’s entirely right. And I hope I never forget it.

So along the same lines, instead of sitting at home tonight, being sad about leaving my family and especially My Little C, I decided to go out and not only be positive, but help to do something positive.

I went to LasVelas, in Market Square, and joined my Yinz Team friends to help raise some money at the kick-off event for this:

Make Room for Kids is an awesome venture brought to us by Ginny (whom I finally met for real tonight – even though we’ve seen one another a few times!) with the help of the Mario Lemieux Foundation.

So what are they doing? From Ginny’s site:

So, our goal? $10,000 for our sick kids.  That will be enough to buy some sweet LCD TVs, awesome gaming systems, awesome mind-numbing, addictive, forget-you’re-sick-for-a-while games, computers, computer games, AND even a bit left over to purchase some hand-held gaming systems for those children too sick to or unable to leave their beds. We’ll bring the games to THEM!

How awesome is that? Totally awesome!

One of my favorite places, IKEA, is even on board! (Personally, the amount of furniture my family and myself own from IKEA is insane, and we all LOVE it… so I think they’ll do an awesome job.)

I’m very glad that I went. Not only did I do the positive thing to help Ginny & the kids, but I had a great time and also got to see a number of my Yinz Team friends, many of whom I haven’t seen since softball time!

This was also approved by The Nana! She thought it was a good thing to do. 🙂 Thanks, Nana! (I’m still jealous that she gets an extra day with Little C… but I only have 26 days till I see her again.)

Today was my day…

28 11 2009

(This was supposed to auto-post on 11/27. Oops)

To do what you ask? Why to spend the whole day with My Little C. Nana and GrandPa were told hands-off, in favor of me, but I shared with them, because Little C is adorable with both of them. But I love my sister for giving me a whole day with my favorite girl! 🙂

So what did we do? Well, we woke up early and played for a little while. And then we took a nap. Yes, both of us. And when we woke up, we got ready to go shopping.

Rather than take the stroller into Kohl’s, my sister opted for the Baby Bjorn carrier. So I carried Little C all through Kohl’s, we checked out the toy section for a little while and found some neat stuff that Santa or I might bring her for Christmas. Then Nana and my sister hit the little girls clothing area. Little C and I wandered around, peeking into mirrors and laughing.  We did a lot of clapping – not Little C clapping, but rather she’d take my thumbs and clap my hands together. It’s one of her favorite things to do. We were called on to give the approval ona few clothing items, Little C approved of them all.

While my sister and Nana waited in the long checkout line, Little C and I wandered the rest of the store. We looked at shoes, sweaters, belts, purses, and more mirrors. I think I was stopped by every third woman in the store to comment on how cute Little C is.

After our shopping adventure, we returned home and played some more. And we took a walk with the dog.  And then we played some more! So much fun!!

It was a great day.


26 11 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

I hope you have all had a wonderful day full of fun, family, friends and food as I did.

I’ve had a wonderful 24 hours hanging out with Little C and have 24 more hours to go. Exciting!

See you all soon!


25 11 2009

To keep you through the next oh 24 hours or so where I land in Florida, see my Little C, forget about Pittsburgh, rugby, Yinz Team and my blog in entirety…

Bwahahaha. Lordy. Enjoy.

CUTE overload.

24 11 2009

Apparently my Little C went to see Santa last weekend since NE had the day off. I haven’t heard the results, but as I haven’t heard a horror story, I’m guessing that little bundle of sweetness was happy to meet Santa.

Side note: as opposed to her mother, who was adamantly anti-Santa visits for at least the first 5 years of her life. I have pictures. They amuse me.

And today that same little bundle became cuteness-overload at her 6 month photo sitting. I can’t share the pic, obv since I won’t share pics of her here, but holy cow am I even more so looking forward to spending two + days with her.

I leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. I can’t wait. Please pray that I wake up on time. We all know I’m not good at it.

Unfortunately, I will not be back in town in time for for YinzBowl II on Saturday. I don’t fly back to the ‘Burgh until after 1pm Saturday because I wanted to spend as much time as I could with Little C, and they’re starting at 10am (they’re insane, I tell you.) But hopefully I can meet up with them for the post-game festivities. If not, I’m sure I’ll see some, if not all of them, sometime in December. Yay!


The drive in…

23 11 2009

Last week, we decided to go to the drive in on Saturday. But when I looked at the offerings at the drive in this weekend, I wasn’t exactly happy.

Option 1:

Planet 51 & Disney’s A Chrismas Carol

I knew this one wasn’t an option. Not a chance…

Option 2:

2012 & The Stepfather

Well, maybe. Not that I want to see either of these movies, but…

Option 3:

New Moon & Where the Wild Things Are

Well, we have wanted to see Where the Wild Things Are for a long time now… And since I knew I’d eventually see New Moon, I wrote this option off as well.

I emailed the options to FM. And I was very suprised when he texted me and chose Option 3. I immediately texted him back and made sure he understood he was actively choosing to watch New Moon. And that it was the big movie this weekend, and it could be crazy busy.  He didn’t care. He was really just picking to watch Where the Wild Things Are. Alrighty then…

I was a little concerned that it would be insanely busy since New Moon has been sold out at every regular movie theater all weekend. Wow, was I wrong. By the time the movie started, the lot was not even half full. Heck, I doubt it was 1/3 full.

Watching New Moon with FM was significantly less painful than I expected. Besides having to explain the entire background of the Twilight series and who people were, I thought the movie was okay. I liked the first one better. I doubt “like” would be a phrase FM would use to explain New Moon. I’m pretty sure he views it as 130 relatively painful minutes of his life that he’ll never get back.

Apparently most of the people there were only there to see New Moon. Half of the cars drove out when the movie was over. Heh. The movie we really wanted to see hadn’t even started yet!

Where the Wild Things Are was AWESOME. Awesome. So funny. I have to be honest here and admit that I’ve never read the book. I have no idea how I’ve never read it, but I really went into the movie knowing nothing about the story. But I’ll be getting the book for Little C and making sure she gets to read it. Definitely.


22 11 2009

I received a text from Lili this morning. All it said was that she sent me a link to a video of Little C’s new skill…

Not having seen Little C in FOREVER. I had no idea what to expect. I’ve learned recently that she apparently loves the baby-type food carrots. As in loves, loves, loves. (We’ll get back to the food shortly.)

She apparently also likes to stand up. I’m missing so much. (We’ll also get back to the what I’m missing shortly too.)

The video was of my baby girl CLAPPING. With her mommy saying “Yay LittleC” in the background. It wasn’t an entirely coordinated clapping. But gosh darn was she trying. And she did it. And it was awesome. (OH! and I saw the toys I took Little C in the background of not only the video, but in recent pics too! Who knew a random purchase would be so awesome!! Not me, that’s for sure. But I’ll take it!)

So the food… as of Thursday, we LOVE carrots. And green beans were next on the list. When I talked to Lili on Thursday night, she put me on speaker-phone so I could say hi to Little C. I said hi and then told her carrots were awesome, but green beans are my favorite vegetable. Lili said Little C held the phone (even though I was on speaker) and had a big smile on her face. So I hope green beans went well. For Thanksgiving? Little C is having sweet potatoes. Yum. I hope she loves them.

As for what I’ve missed. I wish I could make up all the time. Instead, I search for fun, educational toys online right now.

I’m only in Florida Wednesday AM through Saturday AM. The whole extended in-law fam will be there Thursday. But Lili and Little C (and I assume NE, but not sure) are spending all day Friday at my parents house. I’ve warned my mom that I might kick her and my dad out of the house so I get the whole day with Little C. I’m so jealous that they get to see Lili, Little C and NE more often than I do…  But who am I kidding? It’s more fun to see us all together. And I know my little lovely will be entertaining us the whole time I’m there.

Only 4 days. I can’t wait.


21 11 2009