2 11 2009

Ok. On Friday I mentioned that it was still too early to enter freak-out mode for Houston.

Well, it’s almost time. Tomorrow will be spent fixing something that kinda went bad on me & needs to be done NOW! Yikes…

Then it’s two practices, two days & one semi-free evening to get my ducks in a row. I managed to make a packing list, but I’ll modify it and get things together on Wednesday. Hopefully it won’t take too long.

And then it’s a 6:11am flight on Friday. Yes, six eleven AM. And how great am I at waking up early & making those early flights? I’m a big failure. So to counteract my inability to wake up, I’m going to crash at a teammate’s house the night before the flight. This teammate lives 10 minutes from the airport and has graciously offered up her house to the team. Whoo. Thank you!

I’m checking one bag, the day-glo yellow rugby bag. All because of my big, bad-ass boots. Personally, I love my boots and see nothing wrong with them:



However, according to Woycheck & Shireman, they are terrifying, lethal weapons.  Heh. We’re all entitled to our opinions. They may be wrong, but they’re entitled to their opinion.

So I’ll be checking the bag & my boots. And since I’m literally terrified to check bags? I’ll be taking a carry on which will hold my falling-apart old boots, and enough clothing for one rugby match. Let’s hope that’s a fall back plan.




One response

3 11 2009
Uncle Crappy

I remember seeing those suckers at last year’s Turkey Bowl. Do you have to register those as weapons?

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