3 11 2009

Bonus NaBloPoMo post… The games for this weekend. Commence the freak out, y’all…. Only kidding. The Angels have it. Locked. Down.

I will post here, there and everywhere as soon as I can. Best I can tell you now is be on Twitter-watch. That will be easiest for me. Unless you are Lili or someone else not on Twitter, then I’ll text you.

The 2009 DII Women’s Nationals game info has been posted… Here’s what we’re dealing with:


  1. Miami (USA Rugby South)
  2. Pittsburgh (MidWest)
  3. Albany (Northeast)
  4. Raleigh (MidAtlantic)
  5. Providence (Northeast)
  6. Charleston (USA Rugby South)
  7. Maryland Stingers (MidAtlantic)
  8. Minneapolis (MidWest)
  9. Santa Monica (Southern California)
  10. Houston (West)

Pool A: Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Charleston, Houston
Pool B: Miami, Providence, Minneapolis
Pool C: Albany, Maryland, Santa Monica


12:15pm – Game 1: Pittsburgh vs Charleston (A)
12:30pm – Game 2: Miami vs Providence (B)
12:30pm – Game 3: Albany vs Maryland Stingers (C)

1:30pm – Game 4: Raleigh vs Houston (A)

2:30pm – Game 5: Maryland Stingers  vs Santa Monica (C)
2:30pm – Game 6: Providence vs Minneapolis (B)
2:45pm – Game 7: Winner game 1 vs game Winner 4 (A)

4:00pm – Game 8: Loser game 1 vs game Loser 4 (A)
4:30pm – Game 9: South #1 vs MidWest #2 (B)
4:30pm – Game 10: Northeast #1 vs SoCal #1 (C)

9:00am – Game 11: Pool A #1 vs Pool C #1
9:00am – Game 12: Pool B #1 vs Overall #4
9:00am – Game 13: Overall #9 vs Overall #10

10:30am – Game 14: Overall #7 vs Overall #8
10:30am – Game 15: Overall #5 vs Overall #6

11:30am -Game 16: Loser game 11 vs Loser game 12 (3/4 place)
1:00pm – Game 17: Winner game 11 vs Winner game 12 (Final)





One response

4 11 2009

You ladies are going to beat the shit out of Charleston! You should be playing my team, but we were too poor and unmotivated to make it to the South Championships in Miami, let alone Nationals. You would have beat the shit out of us too, lol. In 2010 they are only taking the top 1 seed from each territory, so we’re probably shit out of luck for the foreseeable future, unless we somehow get good enough to beat Miami.

I’m working on a bid to host the South DII Championship in Knoxville next year so we don’t have to worry about travel expenses and numbers. But, if we don’t beat Miami, we’re not going anywhere.

Sigh…. this year was probably our last chance to make it to Nationals and we didn’t take it because we’re too unorganized. Now instead of just Knoxville and Nashville combined, we have Chattanooga in the mix as well. Trying to organize shit for 3 teams every weekend is awesome, let me tell you!

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