Two days…

3 11 2009

Two days from now, I will be staying at a teammate’s house. I’m happy I’ll have a bunch of girls there to make sure my butt wakes up at an hour I don’t really believe exists.

There is so much to do between now and then:

  • One more practice. The last practice of the year. Wow. But a news crew is stopping by that practice!! More on that soon…
  • Sewing. It HAS to be done. I don’t want to have to take it with me, but it might happen. Sewing makes me happy… So maybe I should just take it… I don’t know… This is something I have to clear with Lili, to be honest. 🙂
  • Laundry – lots of it. I seem to have enough rugby stuff for two practices or games. That’s it. You’d think by now I’d have a stock-pile of stuff, but I don’t. The one area I’m apparently a true minimalist.
  • Also, my socks keep disappearing. I have no idea where they are going, but I have very few socks in rotation suddenly. What the heck?
  • After laundry, I need to figure out what the heck I need to take with me for the weekend. Two flights, one light practice, four rugby matches, at least two or three dinners with the team. And who knows what else. I need to review the kagillion emails in my inbox that I’ve been ignoring.
  • Packing:
    • The checked bag
      • The checked bag gets most of the clothes, the bad-ass dirty boots and a bunch of other things. First, however, I need to clear it of all the clothes/crap I store in there throughout the season.
    • The carry on
      • The carry on gets the old boots, and enough for one rugby match & a pair of flip flops. God help me if my stuff goes missing.
    • My netbook bag
      • The netbook bag will have said netbook, multiple reading materials (including Candide, which I haven’t manged to finish yet, given everything else,) Brewfest stuff in print that I can work on, and the essential docs required for roster check in before our game: a copy of my birth certificate, my insurance card and my ID.
  • Hopefully two, but absolutely ONE chiropractor appointment. Good thing about this season? I didn’t have back pain at all. Bad thing? When I finally started to participate, my back started hating me in FULL FORCE. OMG. It’s not the worst it’s been, but the constant ache is closing in on unbearable.
  • One meeting with UncleCrappy for a good-luck beer tomorrow night.
  • Updating the Angels Chalk Talk Blog… I hate to say it, but I’m scheduling posts between now and when we leave. It HAS to be done, if I want to do anything else on this list.
  • Updating the PRFC website to take down mailed out Brewfest ticket orders and switch to Will Call ticket orders.
  • Mailing out the remaining ticket orders.
  • Getting back to the multiple brewers who suddenly want to attend Brewfest.

Yeah, looks like a fun two days, doesn’t it?

This blog, however, will be updated daily, even if it’s to tell you I’m alive. Facebook? Don’t count on it. Twitter? Well, I have my phone, but at this point, don’t expect much there either except for updates on Saturday and Sunday when I can.

By the way, I can’t remember if I’ve said it lately or not, but I felt in the Spring that I finally got the game. Somewhere between then and this season, I lost it. I don’t know what happened…. I plan to think about & write about it in the next few days, but IT’S BACK PEOPLE.

But, after the last three practices and how I see myself reacting to what my teammates do? For the most part, it’s back… I have a few things to work on, but I’m seeing things the way I did in the Spring.

That? Makes me so happy. And so ready for this weekend. We’re so ready, My Angels and I.






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