4 11 2009

Well, sort of. Here’s yesterday’s to-do list… What I accomplished today is crossed off. What I absolutely HAVE to do tomorrow, that’s in red. Things that will be/should be finished up later tonight, they’re blue…

  • One more practice. The last practice of the year. Wow. But a news crew is stopping by that practice!! More on that soon…
  • Sewing. It HAS to be done. I don’t want to have to take it with me, but it might happen. Sewing makes me happy… So maybe I should just take it… I don’t know… This is something I have to clear with Lili, to be honest. :-)
  • Laundry – lots of it. I seem to have enough rugby stuff for two practices or games. That’s it. You’d think by now I’d have a stock-pile of stuff, but I don’t. The one area I’m apparently a true minimalist.
  • Also, my socks keep disappearing. I have no idea where they are going, but I have very few socks in rotation suddenly. What the heck?
  • After laundry, I need to figure out what the heck I need to take with me for the weekend. Two flights, one light practice, four rugby matches, at least two or three dinners with the team. And who knows what else. I need to review the kagillion emails in my inbox that I’ve been ignoring.
  • Packing:
    • The checked bag
      • The checked bag gets most of the clothes, the bad-ass dirty boots and a bunch of other things. First, however, I need to clear it of all the clothes/crap I store in there throughout the season.
    • The carry on
      • The carry on gets the old boots, and enough for one rugby match & a pair of flip flops. God help me if my stuff goes missing.
    • My netbook bag
      • The netbook bag will have said netbook, multiple reading materials (including Candide, which I haven’t manged to finish yet, given everything else,) Brewfest stuff in print that I can work on, and the essential docs required for roster check in before our game: a copy of my birth certificate, my insurance card and my ID.
  • Hopefully two, but absolutely ONE chiropractor appointment. Good thing about this season? I didn’t have back pain at all. Bad thing? When I finally started to participate, my back started hating me in FULL FORCE. OMG. It’s not the worst it’s been, but the constant ache is closing in on unbearable.
  • One meeting with UncleCrappy for a good-luck beer tomorrow night. (aka this evening…)
  • Updating the Angels Chalk Talk Blog… I hate to say it, but I’m scheduling posts between now and when we leave. It HAS to be done, if I want to do anything else on this list.
  • Updating the PRFC website to take down mailed out Brewfest ticket orders and switch to Will Call ticket orders.
  • Mailing out the remaining ticket orders.
  • Getting back to the multiple brewers who suddenly want to attend Brewfest.

Oh, and the brackets stuff? It’s changed. AGAIN.


  1. Miami (USA Rugby South)
  2. Pittsburgh (MidWest)
  3. Albany (Northeast)
  4. Raleigh (MidAtlantic)
  5. Providence (Northeast)
  6. Charleston (USA Rugby South)
  7. Maryland Stingers (MidAtlantic)
  8. Minneapolis (MidWest)
  9. Santa Monica (Southern California)
  10. Houston (West)

Pool A: Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Charleston, Houston
Pool B: Miami, Providence, Minneapolis
Pool C: Albany, Maryland, Santa Monica


Venue: University of Houston

1:00pm – Pittsburgh vs Charleston – Field 1
1:00pm – Raleigh vs Houston – Field 2

3:30pm – 1pm game losers – Field 1
3:30pm – 1 pm game winners – Field 2

Venue: Westland Family YMCA

8:30am – Albany vs Maryland (C)
9:45am – Miami vs Providence (B)
11:00am – Maryland vs Santa Monica (C)

12:45pm – Providence vs Minneapolis (B)
2:00pm – Albany vs Santa Monica (C)
3:15pm – Miami vs Minneapolis (B)

Venue: University of Houston

9:00am – Game 11: Pool A #1 vs Pool C #1
9:00am – Game 12: Pool B #1 vs Overall #4
9:00am – Game 13: Overall #9 vs Overall #10

10:30am – Game 14: Overall #7 vs Overall #8
10:30am – Game 15: Overall #5 vs Overall #6

11:30am -Game 16: Loser game 11 vs Loser game 12 (3/4 place)
1:00pm – Game 17: Winner game 11 vs Winner game 12 (Final)




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