In my neighborhood…

10 11 2009

Apparently, last night while I was having an oh-so-fun time in the Washington, DC airport, someone was attacked with a pipe ON THE CORNER MY STREET. What?

This is NOT acceptable.

Link for the news report:


(I’m sorta behind on NaBloPoMo, but believe me, I’ll make up for it.)




3 responses

10 11 2009
Burgh Baby

Welcome home . . . and here’s to hoping whoever the jackass was that thought pipes are fun has one shoved somewhere uncomfortable.

11 11 2009

oh my! you know our friend dave? he is the one who called 911 about the bleeding dude. apparently, 911 was super rude to him and didn’t respond or thought he was pranking or something. it took several calls to get somebody to act and help the victim.

12 11 2009

Wait. What friend Dave??? You need to email or text me about this. I’m glad he called. But I’m SO PISSED that this happened on MY street. At a store I walk to in daylight and at night. God help someone if they try to hit me. I guarantee that would be the best dump tackle possible… I just walked up there yesterday and got more angry the closer I came to the little store!!

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