Freak Out!

12 11 2009

Awww, yeah… tomorrow is Brewfest.

And if I didn’t realize I was freaking the heck out, my super awesome shoulder pain (where I obviously “store” my stress) is back in full force, screaming at me.


I think we’re ready. Well, by we, I mean everyone else. I’m currently trying to wrap up online Will Call sales, print out about 2,763 pages of docs (ok, that might be an exxageration. Maybe.) and figure out what the heck is going on tomorrow.

I know I am forgetting approximately 300 things.

Will call ticket sales have come in, I kid you not, every few minutes, all day today. To the point that it took me an hour tonight to make sure I got all the orders recorded. Wow.

Nearly 800 tickets sold so far. And I expect a ton of walk-ins tomorrow night. 84 beers. Who can turn that down? Even myself, as a non-beer drinker, has a few on the list I want to try.

Especially Tommyknocker’s Maple Nut Brown Ale. I’m sorry, but if you combine just about anything with Maple Syrup? I will try it. Most likely, I will love it. I believe I’ve discussed my love of the Starbucks Maple Macchiato here. No longer exists (Starbucks? Super fail. You’d have all my coffee $$ in the fall if you still had it!!) So here’s hoping for the Maple Nut Brown Beer.

If you’re coming tomorrow and don’t know me in person yet, I’ll most likely be near the entrance, but if you can’t find me, ask someone in a black & gold rugby shirt to find a “lead” and call me on our super-cool walkie talkies… I’ll come find you!

Here’s hoping I survive tomorrow night!

(P.S. Who’s bringing me a bottle of American Honey so that I can make it through the night? Anyone? Anyone?)



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