13 11 2009

After the game on Sunday, most of our teammates left Houston. A few of us were left. We went to dinner. Some of them went out after, but I was hit with the panic of all the things I had to get done for Brewfest. So I was gifted with a cab back to the hotel.

I managed to get most things done, as much as I could. The entire exhaustion of the weekend hit me then. I crashed & crashed hard. I don’t remember my room mates coming home!

The next morning we slowly woke. I realized that I was not immune to the mosquito bites my teammates had received the two previous days. I was itchy and spotted all over. And I had a black eye. Fun! But where did that come from? (Stil no idea!) Combine that with the two GIANT blisters on the bottoms of my 4th toe on BOTH feet and my inability to walk from the pain of them? I was a spectacle to behold… WOW.

We started to pack and get into the vans. We arrived around 11:30am. I was in a different terminal than my teammates. I asked about an earlier flight… I missed it by about a half hour. Great. And I couldn’t check my bags yet. I had over an hour to wait.

I finally checked my bags and entered the terminal. Lunch at Chili’s with a fail of a waitress. I then went to the gate and FINALLY finished my sewing project. Hooray!

Once I got to DC, I hobbled around to find somewhere for dinner.  I found that the more I walked, the less the blisters hurt. But sitting, then walking hurt like crazy. So I walked. I finally got some food and sat down at my gate, 10 min to boarding.

And then the oh-my-gosh-can’t-speak-English gate person made an announcement that we were delayed about 30min. I had to charge my phone, so I went to the nifty Samsung charging station (only good thing about the DC airport). I overheard some guy saying our flight might be cancelled and that was the last flight out of DC.

At that point, I was 11hours into my airport/plane vacation that day. I wanted to go home. I wanted MY bed. My friends. My ride home. Cancellation was NOT an option.

All of my friends were at Ruggers, celebrating our success. I was stuck in an airport watching the Steelers, praying my flight would take off.

We waited what seemed like forever. I made friends over my new Scotland jersey, my black eye and my rugby hoodie. Everyone congratulated me and via me, my teammates for our showing at Nationals. They all seemed to know what rugby was and what a great achievement. I was so proud.

Our flight finally boarded after 11pm. Over an hour late. We arrived in the ‘Burgh after midnight. Thankfully, my day-glo yellow bag was already in the baggage area. Sweet.

I finally made it home after 1:30am.

A few days later, I feel better, besides the bug bites. The toes are better. And I want to start fall season tomorrow again. I want it back. I will be back in the Spring, and give it another try this next fall, along with my teammates. I need you all to remind me at the start of the season that I finally found again my game. My sight. My love.

I may be overwhelmed with the work. I may not want to socialize with other teams anymore, I may just want to play and go home. But at this point, I’m allowed that. But after the past few weeks of practice, I realized I still can see my game the way I dreamed I could. And I have to give myself one last chance to try to get that championship.  My teammates and I? We CAN and WILL do it. And we deserve it, as does our coach.




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13 11 2009

right on, friend! i will be there with you next fall. we can motivate each other.

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