THE Sewing Project

14 11 2009

I’ve said multiple times recently that I’m trying to finish up a sewing project. And I finally did. And I mailed it out. And the recipient received everything yesterday. And loves it!

So what was it?

Well, way back in the Spring, Lili asked me to make a bib set for her best friend. I couldn’t find the fabric she requested, and given that it’s her best friend since high school – a bib set just didn’t seem like the right thing for me to make for her. So I offered an alternative- a quilt for the baby.

Lili and I went out when I visited in June and selected fabrics. I was going to use the same quilt pattern that I used for Little C’s quilt, but I was going to change up a few things.

The end result? I love it. If it wasn’t for this particular friend, I’d totally keep it for myself!


How cute!! I just LOVE it! Some detail pics:


Top left corner


Top right corner


Part of the middle


Bottom left corner


Bottom right corner

I’m so happy with this quilt. These nifty squares that I made really turned out cool! And it was my first attempt at trying to make them! I made some of them “technically” wrong, but they still worked out – and combined with the other bigger squares, they totally gave the quilt the look I was going for!!









2 responses

18 11 2009

So let’s see: you play rugby, organize a brewfest, AND SEW. Woman, you’re amazing.

Read your “success” post, and will look forward to filling out a survey. The hubs and I had a great time.


18 11 2009

RPM: Um, yes, I play rugby, do the Brewfest, and sew. I also help to organize our collegiate tournament every spring. I wasn’t kidding a long time a go when I wrote the “Renaissance Woman” post. lol. I like to think I’m well rounded as a person goes… Otherwise known as: rugby gets the anger out, sewing relaxes me and Brewfest is all about letting people (and me – who doesn’t drink beer much) experience new beers! šŸ™‚

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