15 11 2009

Brewfest is over! Done! Whew.

Things went really well. Cindy Lou and I did a bang up job!!

I don’t have exact numbers yet, tickets still need to be returned. Hopefully by December I’ll have totals. Oy.

But things went really well. I am happy that things turned out so great.

I have to figure out where some random thingts went, and I found a jacket that doesn’t belong to me in my stuff.

I’m just happy it’s over.

Now? I have to keep trying to find a job and get ready to go see my Little C in just under two weeks. Sweet.



4 responses

15 11 2009

What’s the jacket look like?

15 11 2009

Oh, yeah. I should add congratulations on another awesome Brewfest!

15 11 2009

I had a fantastic time! You should be proud, you did a great job!

16 11 2009

I’m glad you had a great time! It was nice to meet you also! Sorry I couldn’t talk longer than to just say hi!

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