Can’t wait…

17 11 2009

In one week, I’ll be packing for another trip to Florida. I have no idea what I’m taking. What I love about Thanksgiving in Florida is that it doesn’t really matter what I pack. I’m usually presentable, and we don’t do much but hang out, so I’m all good.

I DO know that I’m super excited to see my mom and dad.

And I’m super excited to see Lili and NE.

And I’m about to explode with excitement to see my Little C. My Little C who can sit on her own, ride in a swing and who (as of today) loves carrots! Woot! I can’t believe she’s six months old.

I am so excited to see her and do whatever I can to help my sister have a day or two off. I can’t wait for some fun play time, and dinner time, and more play time, and maybe some talking and story time. Whatever I can get, really.

And play with my favorite dog, D, too!! We’ll take some super fun walks, of course.

Over Thanksgiving, I have to find out what Christmas gifts to get everyone. Everyone except for D. I already know what I’m getting for her. And I have two separate things for Little C too. (Lili, you already know about Little C’s gifts.)




2 responses

17 11 2009
Uncle Crappy

Don’t forget about that cat. I’ve seen the pictures — he loves you too…

18 11 2009

oh! My boyfriend, Clyde! Unfortunately, I won’t see my big cat until Christmas. They only travel with Little C and my doggy, D.

No worries, I have Christmas plans for Clyde, anyways. I will never forget him, ever! And doggy D even has a Christmas present reserved!!

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