18 11 2009

I think we have our heads right and will have totals on Brewfest within a day or two. And surveys are being sent out. Whatcha think? If you get the survey, please tell us. Good or bad. It’s just so much to deal with, even after everything that led up to the event. As a responsible event planner, I’m trying to check back with our attendees… Two years ago? I never thought of this. Now, it’s another responsibility.

And yet, some ruggers didn’t work and hid from us so they didn’t have to work. That? Hurts. It hurts me a ton, especially since I said all along, you work all night, you don’t pay – and unsaid, I’d have loved you forever as a rugger. I know who worked. And who hid. And who hid and did work. And who just tried to drink their faces off while pretending to work.

Those of you in the hid & worked category, you’re ok. I’m not pleased, but I’ll deal with it. Kudos to you!!! I thank you – thirty times over! Thank you!!

Those of you who I KNOW didn’t work? Or who pretended & drank? I’m so disappointed with you. Honestly, that should make you feel worse than those who didn’t work.

I might be a task-master and make you think you work your a** off. But in reality, the rest of us have been working for months behind the scenes. And for you to be unable to give us 2-3 hours of work? I AM SO DISAPPOINTED in you as a human being.

Those of you who have seen me working at My Living Room and yelling in the past, or have seen me at Coopers Lake, or saw me yelling at Brewfest, that yelling is nothing to being let down and what I feel towards my clubmates for this. So disappointed.

There were a number that I didn’t expect to show up & work – and they did. In mass numbers! I kid you not! I have pictures from others to prove it. I’m proud, so proud, of those people. They proved me wrong. I LOVE being proved WRONG.

I hate being let down.

Good luck, to those who let me down. That’s all I’m going to say. Because I’m not going anywhere, and I’ll remember this.

Good luck.



3 responses

18 11 2009

I want to say that the mofo who I saw stock up a plate with sammiches for himself, I hope yer nuts fall off. Some dude was hoarding the sammich tables and by the time that I got up there all that was left was bread. If I see you again at a beer festival I’m kicking your ass.

Besides that i had a good time šŸ™‚

fokker out!

18 11 2009

Doogle: It was as if the attendees had NEVER seen food in their lives! And if you saw the survey results? I think they wanted a full, 5-course meal to be served to them! And complaining about beer! OMG. You and I already need to talk, but after Turkey day, we should try to set up a time I can come play with Teaspoon a bit and we can discuss what you needed to tell me and um, what I’ve found out thus far. šŸ™‚ You tell me when, and I’ll be there!!!

19 11 2009

Oh yeah we’re gonna have some fun. Dec 2nd is the last beer function I’m doing of 2009 so any time after that we’re golden to hang out šŸ™‚

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