19 11 2009

I’ve admitted that I have a problem when it comes to fabric. Seriously. It’s just overwhelming. And that’s just at Joann’s!

A friend has asked me to maybe make a quilt for her. We’ve discussed some fabrics, and tonight I decided to go to a local quilt shop, The Quilt Company, and see what they had. They didn’t have all of what I was hoping to find, but I didn’t walk out empty handed. I found some nifty fat quarters…

Yep. The Beatles. I've seen this fabric online for the past year. I bought TWO fat quarters. Probably will end up as a gift for my mom... (LILI? Any suggestions?)

Adorable Christmas lights! I have plans for this. Eventually.

Ducks!! No plans for this yet, but it was too cute to pass up!

There is another reason I went to this shop. It was to sort of prepare myself for next Wednesday. After I arrive in Florida, my parents and I are stopping at Rainbow’s End Quilt Shoppe in Dunedin, FL. It’s like the paradise of quilt fabrics.

(All photos borrowed from Rainbow’s End Quilt Shoppe’s Flickr Photostream)

I really don't see how I can make it through this store in just an hour or so...

Do you see what I see in the upper left of the picture? No? See the next pic...

THIS is what I saw. Basically a WALL of Fat Quarters. This won't end well. And there are more scattered throughout the store.

Thankfully, I am WELL AWARE that I am unemployed and can maybe spend $10 at this shop.  And that’s pushing it.

But, wow, I’m going to be in heaven when I walk into that store! I could spend multiple hours on that Fat Quarter wall alone. No kidding.




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20 11 2009
Uncle Crappy

Wait. You were hassling me about being unsupervised in Buckeye Corner?

20 11 2009

HEY! We never made it to the point in conversation about quilt shops. And I WILL be supervised in Florida. So the chances of me buying anything over $5? ZERO!!

20 11 2009

Also, I’d rather wait it out to find a “Ohio” script shirt in long sleeve that is not the glittery one I see on BuckeyeCorner.com – cause that one is just gross. Something like this http://www.buckeyecorner.com/products2.cfm/ID/7522 in long sleeve form would be PERFECT.

Oh, and the “THE” shirt? It’s called “The LEAF tee” http://www.buckeyecorner.com/products2.cfm/ID/8000/c/mens-t-shirts

I’m bored. Yes….

20 11 2009

that is exactly how i feel in a yarn store. and corey’s brother is dating the owner of Yarnia, a yarn haven in Portland. I keep ordering cones of yarn from her over the internet and I have not even been to her store! And I am not working as of December 14, either! Ha! I love addiction to crafty things. Are you going to the handmade arcade this year?

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