22 11 2009

I received a text from Lili this morning. All it said was that she sent me a link to a video of Little C’s new skill…

Not having seen Little C in FOREVER. I had no idea what to expect. I’ve learned recently that she apparently loves the baby-type food carrots. As in loves, loves, loves. (We’ll get back to the food shortly.)

She apparently also likes to stand up. I’m missing so much. (We’ll also get back to the what I’m missing shortly too.)

The video was of my baby girl CLAPPING. With her mommy saying “Yay LittleC” in the background. It wasn’t an entirely coordinated clapping. But gosh darn was she trying. And she did it. And it was awesome. (OH! and I saw the toys I took Little C in the background of not only the video, but in recent pics too! Who knew a random purchase would be so awesome!! Not me, that’s for sure. But I’ll take it!)

So the food… as of Thursday, we LOVE carrots. And green beans were next on the list. When I talked to Lili on Thursday night, she put me on speaker-phone so I could say hi to Little C. I said hi and then told her carrots were awesome, but green beans are my favorite vegetable. Lili said Little C held the phone (even though I was on speaker) and had a big smile on her face. So I hope green beans went well. For Thanksgiving? Little C is having sweet potatoes. Yum. I hope she loves them.

As for what I’ve missed. I wish I could make up all the time. Instead, I search for fun, educational toys online right now.

I’m only in Florida Wednesday AM through Saturday AM. The whole extended in-law fam will be there Thursday. But Lili and Little C (and I assume NE, but not sure) are spending all day Friday at my parents house. I’ve warned my mom that I might kick her and my dad out of the house so I get the whole day with Little C. I’m so jealous that they get to see Lili, Little C and NE more often than I do…  But who am I kidding? It’s more fun to see us all together. And I know my little lovely will be entertaining us the whole time I’m there.

Only 4 days. I can’t wait.




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