The drive in…

23 11 2009

Last week, we decided to go to the drive in on Saturday. But when I looked at the offerings at the drive in this weekend, I wasn’t exactly happy.

Option 1:

Planet 51 & Disney’s A Chrismas Carol

I knew this one wasn’t an option. Not a chance…

Option 2:

2012 & The Stepfather

Well, maybe. Not that I want to see either of these movies, but…

Option 3:

New Moon & Where the Wild Things Are

Well, we have wanted to see Where the Wild Things Are for a long time now… And since I knew I’d eventually see New Moon, I wrote this option off as well.

I emailed the options to FM. And I was very suprised when he texted me and chose Option 3. I immediately texted him back and made sure he understood he was actively choosing to watch New Moon. And that it was the big movie this weekend, and it could be crazy busy.  He didn’t care. He was really just picking to watch Where the Wild Things Are. Alrighty then…

I was a little concerned that it would be insanely busy since New Moon has been sold out at every regular movie theater all weekend. Wow, was I wrong. By the time the movie started, the lot was not even half full. Heck, I doubt it was 1/3 full.

Watching New Moon with FM was significantly less painful than I expected. Besides having to explain the entire background of the Twilight series and who people were, I thought the movie was okay. I liked the first one better. I doubt “like” would be a phrase FM would use to explain New Moon. I’m pretty sure he views it as 130 relatively painful minutes of his life that he’ll never get back.

Apparently most of the people there were only there to see New Moon. Half of the cars drove out when the movie was over. Heh. The movie we really wanted to see hadn’t even started yet!

Where the Wild Things Are was AWESOME. Awesome. So funny. I have to be honest here and admit that I’ve never read the book. I have no idea how I’ve never read it, but I really went into the movie knowing nothing about the story. But I’ll be getting the book for Little C and making sure she gets to read it. Definitely.




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