28 11 2009

My sister said something during my visit while we were out on a walk with NE, Little C and D. Something along the lines of ‘Think about the positive. The negative weighs more.’

And I’ve been thinking about it ever since. She’s entirely right. And I hope I never forget it.

So along the same lines, instead of sitting at home tonight, being sad about leaving my family and especially My Little C, I decided to go out and not only be positive, but help to do something positive.

I went to LasVelas, in Market Square, and joined my Yinz Team friends to help raise some money at the kick-off event for this:

Make Room for Kids is an awesome venture brought to us by Ginny (whom I finally met for real tonight – even though we’ve seen one another a few times!) with the help of the Mario Lemieux Foundation.

So what are they doing? From Ginny’s site:

So, our goal? $10,000 for our sick kids.  That will be enough to buy some sweet LCD TVs, awesome gaming systems, awesome mind-numbing, addictive, forget-you’re-sick-for-a-while games, computers, computer games, AND even a bit left over to purchase some hand-held gaming systems for those children too sick to or unable to leave their beds. We’ll bring the games to THEM!

How awesome is that? Totally awesome!

One of my favorite places, IKEA, is even on board! (Personally, the amount of furniture my family and myself own from IKEA is insane, and we all LOVE it… so I think they’ll do an awesome job.)

I’m very glad that I went. Not only did I do the positive thing to help Ginny & the kids, but I had a great time and also got to see a number of my Yinz Team friends, many of whom I haven’t seen since softball time!

This was also approved by The Nana! She thought it was a good thing to do. 🙂 Thanks, Nana! (I’m still jealous that she gets an extra day with Little C… but I only have 26 days till I see her again.)



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2 12 2009
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