Today was my day…

28 11 2009

(This was supposed to auto-post on 11/27. Oops)

To do what you ask? Why to spend the whole day with My Little C. Nana and GrandPa were told hands-off, in favor of me, but I shared with them, because Little C is adorable with both of them. But I love my sister for giving me a whole day with my favorite girl! 🙂

So what did we do? Well, we woke up early and played for a little while. And then we took a nap. Yes, both of us. And when we woke up, we got ready to go shopping.

Rather than take the stroller into Kohl’s, my sister opted for the Baby Bjorn carrier. So I carried Little C all through Kohl’s, we checked out the toy section for a little while and found some neat stuff that Santa or I might bring her for Christmas. Then Nana and my sister hit the little girls clothing area. Little C and I wandered around, peeking into mirrors and laughing.  We did a lot of clapping – not Little C clapping, but rather she’d take my thumbs and clap my hands together. It’s one of her favorite things to do. We were called on to give the approval ona few clothing items, Little C approved of them all.

While my sister and Nana waited in the long checkout line, Little C and I wandered the rest of the store. We looked at shoes, sweaters, belts, purses, and more mirrors. I think I was stopped by every third woman in the store to comment on how cute Little C is.

After our shopping adventure, we returned home and played some more. And we took a walk with the dog.  And then we played some more! So much fun!!

It was a great day.



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