Monday Funday!

29 11 2009

Tomorrow I get to spend part of the afternoon & evening shopping with BurghBaby as part of Christmas Crazy for Kids to benefit the Toys for Tots & KISS 96.1’s Stuff A Bus.

I’m really excited!

I’ve found myself looking at all kinds of toys lately. Mostly for Little C but also because I’ve been looking forward to tomorrow. I can’t wait to help BurghBaby buy all kids of toys for these kids. It’s so exciting!

Oh! I forgot to tell you guys. I gave Little C her first Christmas ornament on Friday. (well technically I gave it to my sister, but you get the idea.)

I can’t take total credit for it. The Nana found it. But just like my Christening gifts, it’s the best message I could leave with My Little C.




2 responses

30 11 2009
Burgh Baby


30 11 2009

can i just tell you that my godmother has given me an ornament every year of my life and i just love them? she thought she would stop when i was 18, but i didnt get the godchild ornament that year and i got really sad and now she still gets them! i have a whole tree full!

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