Stuff A Bus.

30 11 2009

This afternoon around 4pm, I headed out to Toys R Us to meet BurghBaby, Adriennemcc and Kdudders for the final shopping adventure for Christmas Crazy for Kids.  Adriennemcc was running late, so Kdudders, BurghBaby and I each grabbed a cart and went shopping.

All three of us filled our carts. And there were no duplicates in the toys each of us gathered.

We had Legos, we had board games, we had baby dolls, we had baby toys (mostly me, I admit it. I have Little C on the brain, big time!), we had blocks, strollers, first time football & soccer games, Play Doh, Matchbox cars, footballs, and a crazy amount of toys BurghBaby picked up over the weekend.

It was crazy. And fitting. Christmas Crazy for Kids, yo!

Honestly, the things we unloaded expanded left AND right of this picture.... so much stuff!!

And the Stuff A Bus helpers from today:

So, now an explanation for the “Seriously” pic:

Uh huh, that’s me. And I look kind of angry and confused. What happened was, I went and found all the baby-ish toys I could. Then I found baby dolls. Then I decided I needed toys for boys. So I hit up the Matchbox cars and did quite well, thank you.

And then I found the “sports” section. So I grabbed the first time soccer set, and the first time football set… (No, they did not have the first time rugby set. If they did, I would have filled my cart with that and ONLY that. As many as I could!!) But then I found the baseball/softball area. Remember how all, well most, of us grew up with those plastic bats? Usually yellow… And they weren’t super hard plastic, but I’m sure you could do some harm with them…

Well, those don’t exist anymore. Now they have this:

That, boys & girls, is our old school bat, covered in a centimeter of padding and a fancy-schmancy outer layer. When I found this section and saw them, I figured super-soft stuffed bats for little people, right? Something for little kids that was.not.hard. Oh, I was wrong. Same old bat. Just with a psuedo-protective padding layer. When I actually touched the bat is when BurghBaby whipped out the camera and caught me. I was seriously disturbed and disappointed.

I can’t lie. Had she also had the bat I was groping in this picture? It would not be suitable for publication. Lol.

Anyway, this afternoon was amazing. We probably filled half of a bus. The line of people loading things into the bus was unreal. I was inside, taking bags from Kdudders on the steps, and they didn’t stop. For quite some time.

I applaud BurghBaby. She didn’t put much effort into this. She just announced it on the blog and once or twice on Twitter. A few of us announced it on our blogs. I added the badge at the top of my site after Brewfest.

Next year? If we all help her? I have NO DOUBT BurghBaby can fill an ENTIRE bus. I know I’ll be there to help.



4 responses

30 11 2009

Hells Yes!!! We will fill a bus next year for sure!

30 11 2009
Uncle Crappy

Ohhh. So many jokes…

30 11 2009
Burgh Baby

Thank you again for all of your help! Next year, I’m counting on the troops to help out with all the logistics and we’re going BIG.

30 11 2009

ok, Uncle Crappy, bring it…. And once you think you’ve done the worst, I’ll send you a picture of Little C that will either make you feel awful or make you laugh your face off. Either one, I’m okay with it. BTW just sent the fam pics of “BOO” from Monsters Inc. to see if they can see a resemblance.

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