30 12 2009

I have returned to the ‘Burgh from Florida. And while I love Pittsburgh, I’m not entirely happy about being back right now… I wanted to post while I was in Florida, but I was so happy to have family time – even when Little C was asleep – I was lucky I managed to get out the Merry Christmas post… But I’ve got some stuff stored up in my little brain for you…

While I was away, I really enjoyed helping Lili (doing some laundry, doing dishes, emptying the dishwasher, grabbing things when she needed them for Little C or the dog or anytime…) and my parents (showing my mom random computer things to help her & fixing some things that had gone wonky since my last visit, taking out the trash for my dad…) All things I despise doing in my own apartment… I was happy to help them with these little things… (I just wish I could be happy to do the same things to help myself. Oy…)

Leaving Lili and Little C on Sunday was hard. But I did get to Skype with them yesterday with my mom and see Little C get all excited to see us (I think she was excited to see The Nana to be honest!) And leaving my parents today was as hard if not more. …

I really, really had a wonderful time in Florida… Seriously. And it had nothing to do with presents, and just a little bit to do with seeing Little C. My family is pretty awesome. And I hate that they live so far away.

So, coming up, we have a post on Little C’s 1st Christmas, a post on MY Christmas and who knows what else… 🙂

Merry Christmas!

25 12 2009

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I know I did. Watching Little C look at her new presents was awesome. She got some really cool things, and the shriek of excitement when she realized things were for her was really cool.

I’ll write more soon…

A warm Christmas?

22 12 2009

I’m officially packed for Florida. Well, 99% packed. I only have to pack up toiletries and throw a few things in the carry on. And wake up at a ridiculous time tomorrow morning. Hooray!

While I’m in Florida, I’m going to spend some time with The Nana and The GrandPa. And I found out that I get an extra day with Little C! I get two full days with her AND two partial days. We aren’t headed back to The Nana and The GrandPa’s house until Sunday!! Sweet!

The whole Christmas in Florida thing is still bizarre to me. As are having holiday light displays in Florida. But, because BurghBaby is such a good friend, and also because she’s insanely in love with holiday lights, I’m going to try to send some Florida Christmas Crazy back to her.

I’ve asked my family to take me to maybe two places near Lili’s. I had to do some research to find places. Thankfully, there are Christmas Crazy people all over, and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel has a little map thingy where you can post pictures of good displays. (Click on that link to go to the Sun-Sentinel light site)

I found two places I’ve asked to visit:

That is from…

And I found this:

That, boys & girls is

Hopefully, the fam and I can find some time to take Little C to see one or both of these.

Chocolate gold.

20 12 2009

I got a present today. From my Twitter AND rugby friend ClumberKim. My friend Abby picked me up for skating, and gave me the present.  I knew what it was immediately. Lili! You should know it too! My fave chocolate involved thing on the planet.

If Santa would bring me anything from now on? He’d bring/steal me an entire pallet, yes an entire pallet full of these:

Whoppers? Got nothing on Maltesers. NOTHING. Just sayin.

Holy crap. I’ve dug in. And they are still as delicious as they were a year ago. I might kill someone over my Maltesers. Not Kidding.

I’m in love with this thing. Maltesers. Love.


19 12 2009

Ok, so first off, I’m having some serious phone issues. I see missed calls hours after I apparently missed them. I’ve missed about 5 voice mails from people in and around the ‘Burgh… And I’m not sure texts are up to par either. My poor phone. It might be because of the drivers on random roads who cut me off lately, and my phone flying to the floorboards of my car… Just saying.

I love this song.

So Merry Kisses and Christmas to everyone I know. And I’m bringing you a NEW version by Jimmy Buffet! Woa!

What Santa does…

18 12 2009

There has been a recent discussion on Twitter initiated by BurghBaby. Does Santa deliver to where the kid IS or where the kid LIVES.

A few days ago I sent a tweet giving my opinion.

There is also a discussion on whether Santa wraps presents or not. All I can tell you is MY Santa did both, but the BIG gifts? They were not wrapped. Dunno what this year willl bring, but even in the past 5 years, “Santa” has given both Lili and I wrapped presents. Hmm. Wonder who Santa is…

And now there is an actual survey on her site asking what you think about where Santa finds the kids… Please read what I have to say, and then go HERE and give your opinion. Help my friend out – if you read this? I guarantee BurghBaby or someone else that she and I are friends with have helped me 30,000 times over.  DO IT. I command you!

So, I’m going to start by telling Lili that she should be so happy I never took that scanner from her. Otherwise, there would be pictures of her and yours truly back in the day. (To be honest, those pics would really help right now…)

All holidays while Lili and I were growing up – Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving… were spent in Canada or on the way to Canada. Sometimes Toronto, sometimes Montreal.

I know I’ve told you all I *asked* for a little sister, and I got her. (Love you!) And I remember her first Christmas, and I have one other memory which are in my head as if they were yesterday. Neither one was ON Christmas Day. All were a day or two before. My parents had to do it because we were headed to Canada for the actual day.

So first Lili and I Christmas memory:

The thing I know for sure is that when I went downstairs, and The Nana carried Lili, there were a ton of wrapped presents. But there were also unwrapped, set-up ones. I’m pretty sure I got a huge-a** chalkboard that year. Wow, I loved that chalkboard!

All of the unwrapped ones were from Santa. All of the “big” requests on our list (to be honest, I made Lili’s list for the most part until she was old enough. She still wouldn’t see Santa at the mall, but sent me to see him with her list in tow. She’s so cute.) OOH! I wish I had that scanner or pic right now so I could remember everything that was there!!

Anyway, each year that we went to Canada, we were allowed to open and/or play with these gifts early, but then we had to select one or two to take with us on the trip.

So now we have memory #2. It was Christmas Eve, I think. We were driving through Erie (hi FatherSpoon! hi Woycheck!) and a monster storm hit. I remember being in the back seat of the car, playing with some kind of toy. While The GrandPa (who grew up in Montreal where the snow was taller than him! I have pics, I swear!) was digging our car out of the snow. Oooh boy, was he mad. As The Nana says, the air was blue from his swearing. We ended up spending the night in a hotel in Erie or somewhere near Niagara Falls. The Nana would probably faint from my memories from that trip… (How do I remember this crap and Lili remembers almost nothing?!?!?!!)

I could share more, but for family things, I won’t. All I can tell you is no matter what the other family members think, you should remember that Santa finds you at YOUR HOME. If you travel, this will help you with the “Oh, Will Santa find us if we aren’t at home?” questions. Hooray to The Nana and The GrandPa on that one. Somehow I’m sure my brain and that question are the reason that Santa always came to OUR house… And I know eventually Lili and NE will have to travel, and while I’d LOVE to see everything my lovely gets for Christmas, I know that can’t happen.

And if Santa doesn’t want to wrap up the big gigantic things like a chalkboard? I’m going to give the big fat man that one. I love wrapping presents, but I do not want to wrap something big like that.

(Also, some of my fave memories of Christmas in Montreal involve a certain Grandfather clock that is now dead and hanging in my “room” in Florida. Lili, I’ll fight you for it, but if The Nana tries to gets rid of it, I’d love you even more for holding onto it for me!!)

Didn’t believe it.

17 12 2009

So I wake up earlier today and check Twitter and I see a RT via @GoBobbo or @JimLokay – I can’t find it – but it said that Fred Honsberger had died.


I checked Twitter on my phone again… and there were no other Tweets about it… So in an on-going text convo with my friend Chachi, I asked what was up. He confirmed.

WHAT? The Honzman died?

Not that many people read this blog, but don’t send me any ugly comments. Here’s why:

1) I grew up on KDKA Radio. Between that and KQV, it’s the only things The GrandPa allowed on the radio at home & in the car. Besides, this was pre-interwebz. How else were we going to find out if school was cancelled? Answer: KDKA Radio.  (Yes, I have been known in the past to also still listen to KQV. So there.)

2) I don’t do politics*.

But really peeps, this guy will be, and should be missed. No matter your political tendencies, you probably didn’t always agree with him, but my goodness, he was good at his job.

I know Fred was set in his ways. And I know there were times he pissed me off back when he was on during the drive home and I said out loud, “Oh, Fred…” and changed my radio station. I just won’t listen to certain things. And when he moved to the noon – 3pm slot, I was kind of bummed out. I wouldn’t get to hear whatever he said, good or bad. I couldn’t get KDKA on the radio in my office. Ever.

All afternoon I was sort of in shock… And then, while driving to, through & from Monroeville, yes, listening to KDKA (because I still didn’t accept it), I heard the thing that made it real. Ken Rice and Jennifer Antkowiak talking about the “Short Show” on Fred’s show from a few years back. I loved that segment of Fred’s show. I can’t really tell you why… I don’t really watch TV news… But I really enjoyed it. And I’m pretty sure it was on Fred’s “Short Show” where I first heard Jen say she was leaving KDKA in 2006.

“This show is about using your brain to develop an opinion. My opinion, your opinion. We don’t have to agree. Just get to the truth. Things you don’t hear in the mainstream media. No talking points here.”

I refuse to discuss politics anywhere and everywhere. But I kind of did that quote from the You Tube video. Goes back to something I heard a long time ago. Form your own opinions. I love when people use their own brain to develop their own opinions. No lemmings** for me, thank you very much.

And I might be cranky about this later, but I know I’ve heard every single one of these on the actual radio, but I’m old. Shut it.

Honzman Jingle

And, if I could have found the audio clips, I’d have posted them here, but who didn’t love:

“I don’t want your damn turkey, and you know what you can do with it.”

or back in the day? the “Honzman mugs” for movie reviews?


I’ll miss you on my radio, Mr. Honsberger, truly.

* I say I don’t drink beer. I will admit it here. (UncleCrappy PAY ATTENTION) I DRINK BEER. There are 5 or so that I’ll gladly drink. However, I DO NOT discuss or venture into politics. EVER. Never have, and God help me, I never will.

** Lemmings – definition from

Any of various small, thickset rodents, especially of the genus Lemmus, inhabiting northern regions and known for periodic mass migrations that sometimes end in drowning.

(I should also add that THIS was a question on a biology exam in HS that I failed… “What is in the comic above?” Stupid Lemmings… Now I know what they are, what they do, and I tend to find that ruggers are sorta like Lemmings. Just saying.)

Again, I’ll miss you Fred Honsberger. My love and prayers go out to your wife and your sons. You rocked, sir.