Something I have to see…

2 12 2009

Michael Buble is going on tour for his new album.To the ‘Burgh. And many other places.

And I really want to see this show. I have no idea what makes me want to see it more than any other show, but I HAVE TO SEE THIS ONE.

God help my sister, because he’s supposed to go somewhere near or in Ft. Lauderdale… No exact location yet… But if he’s going to be anywhere near here, and I can combine that with a trip to see and/or babysit My Little C? Well, welcome to Christmas for Aunt AA. That’s all I’ll ask to have for Christmas. Me seeing Michael Buble live and to drag Lili and the Nana to see him.

The last I heard, the Nana isn’t to keen on him. She gave me his last CD she bought. IMHO, she’s nuts. But I don’t think she gave him enough time.

And I have no clue what Lili thinks.

But I’ve got to see him. Especially after this new album. I love it. And I’m sure I can convince them. Yes. Indeed. Right?

If the Lili & the Nana plan fails, I’ve got to see him here, in Pittsburgh, with some friends at the Pete. But I only know of 2-3 people who might actually tolerate him. Who’s going to join me????




2 responses

2 12 2009

Lushie and I would love to go see him! Been fans for years but getting to see him has always been a biatch. His cover of “cant help falling in love” was the 1st song we danced to at our reception.

I should talk to her about this, a wednesday night could be tough for finding a sitter.

2 12 2009
Burgh Baby

If the ticket price is something resembling reasonable, you might be able to talk me into it.

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