Wide open spaces…

3 12 2009

Alrighty. I really need some help here, peeps & tweeps. Please share, re-post, re-tweet, whatever. I just need suggestions!

While we love where we have Brewfest now, we really do.. There are things that we could improve upon if we had just the “right” place.”

What is my dream space for my Brewfest? (Keep in mind this also involves what we want and what we NEED…)

  • Somewhere with an open floor plan. Not a few places somehow tied together. (this is MY personal dream. My helpful planners are not on the same page. My flow plan worked this year. I will guarantee any open floor plan I’m given will work. I PROMISE.)
  • Said open floor plan would ideally have a nifty corner where we could have a band or set up a rent-a-stage for a band….
  • Somewhere with at the very least one ice machine and a kitchen type environment.
  • No carpet.
  • Somewhere with at least two bathrooms each for men and women. On the same floor. Or at the most one each on the same floor and another one floor away…
  • Said bathroom should come with the regular old stuff like toilet paper, soap, water and paper towels. And it should be clean when we show up. (Not kidding – previous establishments have had nasty – I kid you not NASTY – bathrooms when we showed up! We cleaned them!!)
  • Somewhere that had multiple elevators if it was over 3 flights up. And if it was so, a freight elevator to help us move stuff in & out.
  • Oh! Somewhere in or super-duper near to the city of Pittsburgh…  I’m talking downtown, Station Square, South Side, Mt. Washington or very, very near to there…
  • Somewhere able to accommodate 1,000-1,500 people, including attendees, brewer reps and volunteers.
  • Somewhere that can allow for an outdoor area, if needed. For a smoking area, a get fresh air area, whatever…

There you go. That’s it for now. Most locations can’t meet even half of those, let alone the ones that are super important (ice, bathrooms, elevators) to just the general function of the event…

I’m taking, any, all and any random ideas. We’re looking into everything peeps/tweeps. Random open spaces…

Actually, wide OPEN SPACES. Please…

Church halls, fire halls, convention center, arenas/sports facilities. Whatever ideas you have, send ’em my way. Please. And thank you very much.



4 responses

3 12 2009
Whistle Blower

Heinz Field’s Great Hall. Eliminate the food. Have TWO servings – 1,000 people from 1:00 to 5:00, kick ’em out & clean up – then the second group (diff. color tickets and wristbands) from 6:00 to 10:00. Just having the event at Heinz Field will generate the additional ticket sales.

3 12 2009
Uncle Crappy

WB’s right about everything, except that you need to have some food on hand; that’s important given the amount of alcohol some people will go through. And I know the multiple session thing sounds like a hassle, but it works — ask the Big Pour folks or those who used to run the festival at Penn — and you can accommodate more people if they’re split over two sessions.

3 12 2009
Uncle Crappy

Or you could go with my other idea — have it at Burgh Baby’s house. It’s certainly big enough…

4 12 2009

what about the armory in shadyside where they host handmade arcade? that’s pretty wide open and there are tanks to climb on…i mean avoid!

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