5 12 2009

Pittsburghers are amazing. Someone asked me recently why I wouldn’t just move from here to live in Florida. There are a number of reasons. And one of the biggest reasons is that us ‘Burghers? We like to help.

In just the past month or so, we’ve stuffed 16 1/2 busses for Stuff a Bus, including BurghBaby’s nearly half a bus contribution.  And Make Room for Kids has raised $11,758 or so. Nearly $2,000 more than Ginny hoped to raise!

So what’s next?

Tomorrow, a bunch of us are headed to the OTB Bicycle Cafe in the South Side for the Steelers game & to collect donations for the CHS Food Pantry. You can get more info on the event at Abby’s site.

Personally, I checked out the menu and all I can say is half their stuff is served with or involves Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. I love me some Sweet Baby Ray’s. And I’m going to be hungry. Can’t wait to see everyone!!




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