Change of plans.

8 12 2009

Way back in July I booked my travel for Christmas (along with Thanksgiving and my trip to Little C’s Christening in September.)

Since I had a job at the time, I had very few days to work with.

I set it up so I was flying out of Pittsburgh around 7pm on Christmas Eve and getting into Ft. Lauderdale around 9:30. And I was flying home on the 27th, getting back into town around 6:30pm.

Since July, my flights changed multiple times so that I would not be getting to Ft. Lauderdale until after 10pm on Christmas Eve and wouldn’t get home on the 27th until around 8pm.

As I now have no job and time restrictions, I made some changes. Since Little C was born, I haven’t spent any time alone at my parents place. Not that I don’t want Lili & Little C there, believe me. But I wanted some time with my parents. So my parents and I will leave Lili’s the day after Christmas and I’m flying home on the 30th from Tampa.

And since that post-10pm arrival time on Christmas Eve kind of sucked, I changed that flight too.  I’ll arrive in Tampa on the 23rd. Just enough time for maybe some last minute shopping and then packing up to drive to Lili’s early on Christmas Eve day.

And because all of my new flights were actually cheaper than the original flights, and even though AirTran charged us $75 for each change, we ended up spending only $40 or so for the new flights! Yay!




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