10 12 2009

Earlier today, around 4:30 or so my power went out. My building and one or two buildings on either side of mine, plus 4 or so across the back alley way.

It’s now 11:55pm. And I still don’t have power. Or heat. This? Sucks.

Around 5:30 or so, instead of re-heating leftovers for dinner, I went to Panera. Then I went and bought a few candles. Both of which pretty much suck.  I should have also bought a flashlight, because I can’t seem to remember where I’ve put mine. It’s here somewhere, but it’s kind of hard to find in the dark.

So then I sat around, in the dark, with minimal candle light, for around 2 hours. And then I gave up and went to the movies. By myself. I just couldn’t stand sitting alone in my apartment any longer.

I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox. It wasn’t really all that fantastic. But did you know that movies at Lowe’s in the Waterfront are only $5? I had no idea.

So now it’s past midnight, and I guess I’m going to go to bed. I could do without that wind outside though. Seriously. It’s getting old.




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