10 12 2009

Last night wasn’t too bad. I had enough warm blankets and fleece clothing to keep me warm. And I went to bed with my netbook and watched a bunch of Christmas TV specials on Hulu. I love that my netbook has a kagillion hours of battery life. Really. It worked all day yesterday, last night and this morning without being charged and without dying on me. It still had around 2 hours of battery life on it when I shut it down around 10am!

Since there was no power around 10am, I took a little (ok, huge) nap and woke around 2pm. And I have power again. I woke up and tried to charge my phone, it worked! Hooray!

I slept quite well last night, actually. My apartment is usually overwhelmingly warm in the winter. But last night when I was getting ready for bed? It was a little bit chilly… I swear this building holds heat like crazy, thus why I’m sweating my butt off in the summer.

I need to do some serious Christmas shopping/brainstorming for the rest of my family and others in the next few days. I don’t think my mom will accept a felt doll or fabric alphabet as a gift. Actually, I take that back. She’d probably love it since she loves what I made for Little C. But for me, that’s just not acceptable.

Thankfully, I discovered a gift for the hardest person to buy this evening. Whew.

Now for the rest of them….




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