14 12 2009

So, I’m pretty sure I tweeted or posted about Miles being born. He was the first baby I ever visited and held in the hospital. And I got to swaddle him. Hooray for swaddled babies. I love them. They’re like little cuddly packages of cute.

Anyway, us rugby ladies, aka the Angel Ruggers, decided to help our friend with her baby. M-Dub.

My night is tomorrow. I’m scheduled with a girl I totally love, who I haven’t seen much, and who I don’t know much. But what I do know is that she’s great.

You can wonder forever about why I think she’s great. All I’m going to tell you is that she’s and Angel. And we love one another.

In other news, I’m going to be stopping at Home Depot on my way to my rugger friend’s home. We’re oh, 30 or so blocks from one another, and we agreed to share keys a long time ago. Did we do it? Heck, no. We’re ruggers. We don’t do things immediately. (Ok, honest to God, Katy and I do things immediately. All the time!!! But we didn’t!) So now we’re going to.

I don’t want my friends Katy and Corey outside in the winter when I live a short drive OR EVEN walk from them. And I certainly don’t want my boyfriend M-dub out there!!

So, my girl Katy and I will fix this situation during this coming week. I’m just guessing we agree on this, but I’m sure we do. She knows I don’t want M-dub outside!!!



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15 12 2009

i love that neither of us remembered to make or exchange keys, despite all intentions! ha!

15 12 2009

HOW did we forget that!??? I think it’s been over a year we’ve discussed it! Ugh. I’m so disappointed in myself for not remembering. Granted, I only have to remember to get a new front door key. And remember to pick up my current door key which is elsewhere…

18 12 2009

er so Katy and I forgot the key thing. And she needed my help Wed. AM and I got the msg around 2pm. (Thanks, AT&T) but, i’m still a big, big, big M-Dub fan. He was a tiny bit cranky when we were there. And I wish I could help again in the next two weeks, but I’m out of town..In Florida, mostly with The Nana and The Grand Pa.

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