Didn’t believe it.

17 12 2009

So I wake up earlier today and check Twitter and I see a RT via @GoBobbo or @JimLokay – I can’t find it – but it said that Fred Honsberger had died.


I checked Twitter on my phone again… and there were no other Tweets about it… So in an on-going text convo with my friend Chachi, I asked what was up. He confirmed.

WHAT? The Honzman died?

Not that many people read this blog, but don’t send me any ugly comments. Here’s why:

1) I grew up on KDKA Radio. Between that and KQV, it’s the only things The GrandPa allowed on the radio at home & in the car. Besides, this was pre-interwebz. How else were we going to find out if school was cancelled? Answer: KDKA Radio.  (Yes, I have been known in the past to also still listen to KQV. So there.)

2) I don’t do politics*.

But really peeps, this guy will be, and should be missed. No matter your political tendencies, you probably didn’t always agree with him, but my goodness, he was good at his job.

I know Fred was set in his ways. And I know there were times he pissed me off back when he was on during the drive home and I said out loud, “Oh, Fred…” and changed my radio station. I just won’t listen to certain things. And when he moved to the noon – 3pm slot, I was kind of bummed out. I wouldn’t get to hear whatever he said, good or bad. I couldn’t get KDKA on the radio in my office. Ever.

All afternoon I was sort of in shock… And then, while driving to, through & from Monroeville, yes, listening to KDKA (because I still didn’t accept it), I heard the thing that made it real. Ken Rice and Jennifer Antkowiak talking about the “Short Show” on Fred’s show from a few years back. I loved that segment of Fred’s show. I can’t really tell you why… I don’t really watch TV news… But I really enjoyed it. And I’m pretty sure it was on Fred’s “Short Show” where I first heard Jen say she was leaving KDKA in 2006.

“This show is about using your brain to develop an opinion. My opinion, your opinion. We don’t have to agree. Just get to the truth. Things you don’t hear in the mainstream media. No talking points here.”

I refuse to discuss politics anywhere and everywhere. But I kind of did that quote from the You Tube video. Goes back to something I heard a long time ago. Form your own opinions. I love when people use their own brain to develop their own opinions. No lemmings** for me, thank you very much.

And I might be cranky about this later, but I know I’ve heard every single one of these on the actual radio, but I’m old. Shut it.

Honzman Jingle

And, if I could have found the audio clips, I’d have posted them here, but who didn’t love:

“I don’t want your damn turkey, and you know what you can do with it.”

or back in the day? the “Honzman mugs” for movie reviews?


I’ll miss you on my radio, Mr. Honsberger, truly.

* I say I don’t drink beer. I will admit it here. (UncleCrappy PAY ATTENTION) I DRINK BEER. There are 5 or so that I’ll gladly drink. However, I DO NOT discuss or venture into politics. EVER. Never have, and God help me, I never will.

** Lemmings – definition from TheFreeDictionary.com:

Any of various small, thickset rodents, especially of the genus Lemmus, inhabiting northern regions and known for periodic mass migrations that sometimes end in drowning.

(I should also add that THIS was a question on a biology exam in HS that I failed… “What is in the comic above?” Stupid Lemmings… Now I know what they are, what they do, and I tend to find that ruggers are sorta like Lemmings. Just saying.)

Again, I’ll miss you Fred Honsberger. My love and prayers go out to your wife and your sons. You rocked, sir.



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18 12 2009

One of my buddies in high school had a petition to change our mascot to a Lemming.

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