A warm Christmas?

22 12 2009

I’m officially packed for Florida. Well, 99% packed. I only have to pack up toiletries and throw a few things in the carry on. And wake up at a ridiculous time tomorrow morning. Hooray!

While I’m in Florida, I’m going to spend some time with The Nana and The GrandPa. And I found out that I get an extra day with Little C! I get two full days with her AND two partial days. We aren’t headed back to The Nana and The GrandPa’s house until Sunday!! Sweet!

The whole Christmas in Florida thing is still bizarre to me. As are having holiday light displays in Florida. But, because BurghBaby is such a good friend, and also because she’s insanely in love with holiday lights, I’m going to try to send some Florida Christmas Crazy back to her.

I’ve asked my family to take me to maybe two places near Lili’s. I had to do some research to find places. Thankfully, there are Christmas Crazy people all over, and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel has a little map thingy where you can post pictures of good displays. (Click on that link to go to the Sun-Sentinel light site)

I found two places I’ve asked to visit:

That is from LauderdaleChristmas.com…

And I found this:

That, boys & girls is HyattExtremeChristmas.com

Hopefully, the fam and I can find some time to take Little C to see one or both of these.



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