30 12 2009

I have returned to the ‘Burgh from Florida. And while I love Pittsburgh, I’m not entirely happy about being back right now… I wanted to post while I was in Florida, but I was so happy to have family time – even when Little C was asleep – I was lucky I managed to get out the Merry Christmas post… But I’ve got some stuff stored up in my little brain for you…

While I was away, I really enjoyed helping Lili (doing some laundry, doing dishes, emptying the dishwasher, grabbing things when she needed them for Little C or the dog or anytime…) and my parents (showing my mom random computer things to help her & fixing some things that had gone wonky since my last visit, taking out the trash for my dad…) All things I despise doing in my own apartment… I was happy to help them with these little things… (I just wish I could be happy to do the same things to help myself. Oy…)

Leaving Lili and Little C on Sunday was hard. But I did get to Skype with them yesterday with my mom and see Little C get all excited to see us (I think she was excited to see The Nana to be honest!) And leaving my parents today was as hard if not more. …

I really, really had a wonderful time in Florida… Seriously. And it had nothing to do with presents, and just a little bit to do with seeing Little C. My family is pretty awesome. And I hate that they live so far away.

So, coming up, we have a post on Little C’s 1st Christmas, a post on MY Christmas and who knows what else… 🙂



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31 12 2009

isn’t it agonizing being far away from family? i can’t count how many times i’ve said that we love living here, love every single thing about this city…except that it’s so far from our families. it hurts my heart to leave each time!

31 12 2009
Burgh Baby

Welcome home! 🙂

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